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Oh Hey, It’s Sunday

I don’t even know where to start.

The last 6 months have been crazy. I’m not even gonna back it up and blog about it much because a) I can barely remember last week, let alone November, and b) who really cares?

I will say the holidays were good – we had an awesome first Christmas in our own/new house.


And then in January we did our usual work trip for Torrance’s company. This year it was in Atlanta and was a ton of fun. We even got to meet the CEO of his company, which was pretty cool.


At some point at the end of last year Kona was required to go on a diet… so that was fun. She was hangry a lot. In January at her checkup she had lost 10 lbs so that is good news, however, she had to have another lump removed – luckily it turned out to be nothing, I forget what it is called now but basically just something under the skin, almost similar to a cyst. We took it out as a precaution beforehand and then had it tested after it was out.

And probably the biggest news I have is we finally got dog #2!. Is it sad that after all this time, that is my big news. Not all the normal things people get excited about like new job, moving, house, weddings, or kids; but yes, a puppy.

It took a little waiting on our part as we wanted to get her from a local breeder but we managed to hang in there and it worked out well. We got to bring her home on Valentine’s day.


Meet Stella (she is a German Shorthaired Pointer); as of today, she is 12 weeks old and full of piss and vinegar!

Kona is adjusting well. And don’t worry, there will be plenty more pictures to come (probably even annoyingly so). I will do up a post with some more pics soon and some of her already entertaining-ness (it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t make up words).


Other than that, I am gearing up for Spring. I mean I majorly have Spring fever this year – I think it has to do with the fact that we have a bunch of projects planned with the house since last summer we just moved in and didn’t really do much else with it.

Speaking of which, I plan to spend some of today getting started on our front landscaping… that should be fun – we will see how many plants/flowers I can kill before Summer even starts! Ha!



Oops, It’s Fall

….Aaaaand let the fall festivities begin.

Yep, already decorated for fall (two weekends ago). Torrance was shocked when he got home to see that I had already put up fall decor… considering I haven’t even gotten regular decor for our house since moving. Yeah, most of the walls are still pretty bare. But pumpkins are a’plenty.


(Yes, super awkward pic) But yeah, I already got rid of my ombre hair. It was fun and all, but I’m back to my good ol natural dark. Not necessarily because of fall, but the blonde just made my hair really unhealthy.


Yep- already baking pumpkin things. I’m not one of those crazy pumpkin people, but I was ready for something to get me in the mood (hubba hubba) for the season. Go make this recipe, now. You can thank us (or her) later.


And lastly – you know how it’s fall? Because you got home from work and it was cold as F in our house and you had to whip out a hoody. Why am I smiling then? Three words: Hot Toddy, bitches.


  • Are you feeling fall-ish yet?
  • Do you decorate for fall/harvest or Halloween? Or both?
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