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Mmmm… Steak!

Good night? It’s a little late and I’m finally winding down!

This morning started off with the usual, since we only have one vehicle right now, I am forced out of bed early to make the 20 minute drive out to the country to bring Torrance to work. It is a good opportunity for me to wake up in the morning though before I come back home to get myself off to work.

I made one of my favorite breakfasts, a little sammich.



A poached egg – I typically do an egg white but was craving the extra beefiness this morning so included the yolk, a little lowfat shredded cheddar, and a slice of turkey on a toasted Thomas (light) multi grain english muffin. YUM.

After a busy (and productive!) day at work, I headed to pick up Torrance and got rear ended at a stop light. Yep, for real. The lady behind me must have let her foot slip off the break and her little car smashed into the back of me. Luckily since I’m driving around a monster truck it is indestructible because, let’s face it – it’s pretty much a tank. After stopping and checking it out and 127,098,550 apologies from her, we went on our way.

Dinner tonight was heavy. Delicious, but heavy. I let some new york steaks marinate all day in some Italian dressing (Kraft FREE zesty Italian) and a little worcestershire sauce (<—-don't be too impressed, I had to google the spelling). Being we can't have a grill on the patio of our apartment (wah!!) I had to be creative. I was gonna attempt to broil it but got too impatient to wait for the other stuff in the oven to finish first! (Andrea HUNGRY) and pulled out the old mini George Foreman.


It got the job done to satisfy my steak craving but it just wasn’t the same as the delicious grill. It was enjoyed with some baked beans, mini corn on the cob with salt and pepper, steamed green beans, and a delish croissant. I got a little overzealous with the baked beans and ended up eating half of them because there was a shitload of food on my plate!

After the heavy dinner, I took Kona on a good walk outside which felt good to move around!


She was excited about it too…. Though she’s still getting used to the climate change.

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