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Remember how yesterday I said I was going to get to bed earlier (before midnight) so I could wake up super early to workout?

It did not happen. Which meant, I did not wake up at 5:30 workout. Tomorrow is a new day, where I won’t have to wake up at 5:30 either 🙂

I had one of those mornings where I was seriously dragging and needed something. I usually make coffee at the office in the morning because my boss has supplied us with an awesome (I mean magical) espresso machine for us (he says he is sure it will make us sell more insurance) – but I just wanted something a little different this morning.

It is a little over-casty today, which is really the first morning it has been like that in the last few weeks since we have been here so I think this had to do with my craving. So, I headed to Starbucks for a coffee, and while I was there I picked up a breakfast sandwich too just because.

I opted for a turkey bacon, egg white, and white cheddar on an english muffin which was surprisingly good. I love my own homemade breakfast sammiches but it just sounded good. And my coffee hit the spot!

After powering through the morning at work (thanks to Starbucks) I headed home to let the D-O-G out at lunch. At lunchtime she always seems to be extra needy, its like she knows I am only there for a short time. Like a shadow she followed me everywhere, including into the bathroom…

Isnt that a pathetic face? She stares at me when I shower sometimes too.


For lunch, my inner kid came out and I was feeling a J&PB sammich. I say it that way because I love jelly and pile it on with a somewhat thin layer of PB – though I love PB too, jelly has my heart. I was so excited to eat it that I forgot to take a picture. However, with the J&PB, I had the most amazing grapes I have ever had in my life.

Don’t mind that shotty nail polish…That lovely little thing was crisp and juicy and I think I better freeze some and put them in my wine (I use them as delicious ice cubes).


We are supposed to go to the Dash (baseball) game tonight but it is looking a little like it may rain out there and I am not really wanting to get soaked so not sure if we will make it! We will see!

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