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I am civilized!

Last night we did end up going to the baseball game and it turned out to be lots of fun! Truth be told I like to play baseball but I think it is one of the most boring sports to watch since it is a little slow moving. But I really did have a blast at the game, I just like the atmosphere’s at any sports games, so I am easy to please.

It was still a little gloomy but luckily it didn’t rain and ended up being perfect because it wasn’t ridiculously hot and I didn’t sit there in 90 degrees and end up looking like a sweaty mess.


When we first got to the field I was staaaaaaaarving. So before the game even started I grabbed a sub from the Firehouse Subs stand they have there. A turkey and roast beef with provolone on wheat (and lettuce and tomato). It hit the spot! Also, what goes with baseball? Beers! (in my best New York accent… I just like how it sounds, “bee-yus”).


Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of choices at the field and Bud Light had to do.


We ended up having a pretty lazy day overall. Except that I can finally say that as of today we are civilized again. Yep, for the first time in 5 weeks we have cable and Internet. Halle-sweet-lujah. I missed TV so much! I was like a little overly excited kid. And Kona was ecstatic to have animal planet back, she waited patiently for me to get the tv in the bedroom hooked up.


She likes to watch the dog whisperer. Almost as much as she loves Jersey Shore.

After the lazy day, I am feeling even more lazy (hate how that happens) so I am headed to bed for an early night!

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