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Banana pancakes

I woke up from a dead sleep to a brown dog sitting on my head asking to go outside this morning.

And I mean a dead sleep, I was out. Which is why she was bugging me because little did I know, it was already almost 10! Woah!

I woke up and walked her around the apartments some and then decide since I was a sweaty mess that it would be a good pool day.

I ran (well, in my head I was running, but I really just walked though) back to the apartment and cooked us up some delicious pancakes. Banana pancakes at that. With some honey turkey sausage on the side. They were delicious!



My pancakes never turn out beautiful because I am so impatient so I rush them and flip em’ too quick. But it’s not a beauty contest right?

Since I am writing this post from the pool while I catch some rays (“dude”) before the clouds roll in, I am going to make it short and sweet!


I think we are heading to Torrance’s uncle’s later this afternoon to help him out with some organizing in his shop. See y’all this evening!


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