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“Protein” powder

Good morning. It’s Monday!

I am so prepared for the day!

My homemade breakfast sandwich with a little turkey, a poached egg, and a little bit of mozzarella on a wheat english muffin. Perfect fuel for a Monday morning. Along with my fresh raspberries, water, AND coffee. Geesh look at me go.

I absolutely love good fresh raspberries, and these ones were perfect! Time to tackle the workday.


So as I promised, I would talk about my protein powder. My powder of choice is Visalus, probably better known as “Body by Vi.” Body by Vi is actually a weight loss program of sorts. I don’t really use it in that manner but I do know many people personally that have had awesome success with using it in that fashion (as a meal replacement, usually 2x per day). Even though I don’t use it in that way, I still love it!

I personally wouldn’t have really categorized it as a protein powder (I think the industry categorizes it as a weight loss supplement instead) but it is (and can be) used in the same way as any other protein powder really in my opnion since it has some of the same components. I use it like a protein powder and try to incorporate it into a meal (or snack) at least once a day. It is (like whey) also good mixed into yogurt or oatmeal too!

Don’t get me wrong, I like many other kinds out there and think any are great but here is a few reasons I opt to use this:

  • I prefer the taste and texture over a lot of other powders. It tastes like cake mix and isn’t gritty, it also doesn’t have the metallic aftertaste I feel that some do
  • The price is competitive
  • I dont always take my multi vitamin (sometimes it makes me feel sick) so I use it as an extra nutritional supplement to pick up some of the slack
  • Since it is part of a weight loss program, it is designed to have max nutrition with a lower amount of calories which is very appealing to me

Visalus offers a lot of vitamins and different packages too which I personally do not utilize but they are out there. When I order I typically order the “shape kit” which comes with 2 pouches of powder (enough for 60 servings) and also a sample pack of mix in flavors. The only mix in flavors that I like is the strawberry and chocolate. The orange is ok but mixed with milk and the powder it is too orange-creamsicle tasting which I am not a fan of – but obviously many people love it.

Here is a link to a fact sheet that includes the nutritional label if you are curious. It will pull up in a PDF format.

In comparing the label to other top powders it does have a few less grams of protein but does make up for it (in my opinion) in some additional nutrients it contains.

Overall, I really like it and switched to using this about 4 months ago. Feel free to ask me about any further questions you may have about it, I will try to assist the best I can and do some more research if you want.


And just for fun, look at this hilarious shirt I found. I think I need it even though I usually dont wear goofy stuff like this it made me laugh for some reason. Okay I was actually like laughing a lot for some reason, but whatever.

Oh come on, you know that is frickin hilarious!

Have a good afternoon! Time to work and be productive.

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