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I Say Good Day

I had a throw back lunch today! Egg salad! I haven’t had it in forever. Over a year I would say. I boiled some eggs yesterday using my handy dandy egg poacher/boiler machine because for some reason I absolutely cannot boil eggs in a pot for some reason. I am kind of weird about egg salad (and most other salads mixed with a “mayo” base – like tuna, etc) and usually only eat it if I make it myself.

I peeled two eggs and cut the yolk out of one and left it in the other (ya know, so it wasn’t too yolky duh) and diced them up.


Since I am not a fan of mayo I added a little less than a tbsp of light miracle whip and a little less than a tsp of honey dijon for some added flavor.


I threw it on bread with a little pepper and also sliced up some fresh tomatoes for a side (from our friends garden) and topped them with salt and pepper. They were so, so good!




My work day was super busy and productive! I love days like that! Sometimes I am super busy and by the end of the day I feel exhausted but feel like I really didn’t accomplish much so days where I am feeling particularly productive at work (or in general) go down in the record book. What you don’t keep your own personal record book? 😉

After work, Torrance and I went on a quick stroll with the brown dog since it was a nice sunny night out! When we headed back in I was starving since I took lunch a little earlier than usual.

I have been craving some pasta lately so I cooked up some cheese tortellini and a little sauce and garlic bread to go with. It hit the spot!


….And wine with some frozen raspberries with it was a given!

Goodnight, time to watch some Discovery Channel I.D. Dorky I know, but the crime shows just suck me in!

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