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Accents of Red

Good morning!

Luckily I can say this morning was not hectic like yesterday morning at all, which was a pleasant surprise. However, I was like a zombie this morning and slept through my early alarm to wakeup and work out. I am hoping to get one in tonight though. I am really wanting to try out a good sweaty interval run! It has been a while since I have done one of those, besides the walking one I did the other day.

I was feeling like something hot for breakfast, but not my usual go-to homemade egg sammich. Instead, I went for a bowl of oatmeal! I haven’t had oatmeal in a long time actually. When I got to work this morning I cooked up a packet of apple cinnamon (I prefer the Oat Revolution brand, with flax).

I topped it with 1/2 of a sliced cold banana. It was so good!

And morning coffee was enjoyed on the side of course – a must! Though I did bring some peppermint tea with me today that I plan to have a little later.


When I was getting ready this morning I had one of those blank stares when I was standing in my closet looking at clothes. When everything just looks kind of boring ya know? And I always say “I have nothing to weaaaaar! Wah!” and then Torrance rolls his eyes at me. Men obviously don’t understand. But, in the very bottom and back of the closet something cought my eye! My red shoes!

I dusted them off and paired them with a white skirt and coral and red shirt I have. Along with my also long-lost red ring.


They were happy to be reunited!

I hope everyone has a marvelous day!


Do  you have any fun colored shoes that you love to whip out every once in a while? What color are they? What fun colored shoes would you like to have?

I love these red ones every once in a while, but I am really wanting a pair of light blue shoes lately!

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