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Throwback Playlist

I was feeling a little blah about dinner tonight. We have some slim pickins’ around these parts so I decided to clean the pantry and fridge out a little. Even though we had pasta last night, I made spaghetti tonight anyway because I had a tiny bit of noodles, a tiny bit of sauce, and a tiny bit of buffalo burger left over..
The finished product was that I just had a little bit of spaghetti and a mini spinach salad on the side.


Can you so tell from that picture that I don’t like my food to touch? If I didn’t feel like a little kid I would definitely use a sectional plate.

Anyway, on the salad I threw on some more of those awesome fresh tomatoes, a few croutons, and rather than going for my usual dressing that I always use – my all time favorite “Kraft FREE Zesty Italian” – I decided to use this instead…


I have used this a few times when sautéing shrimp (and other miscellaneous things) and figured it would be perfect with the spinach; which it was!


Since I failed to wake up early and workout I figured I would do something active tonight instead. After dinner I walked down to the apartment gym and decided to do a quick run. I was feeling a little….sloshy…. since I had just eaten dinner so I decided a little slower wouldn’t hurt.

I love these treadmills! It let’s you customize the “built in” programs quite a bit! I chose their “fat burn interval.” It allowed me to choose the time (or length), the max speed, min speed, and max incline.

I opted for 30 mins with a max speed of 5mph, min speed of 3, and max incline of 8% grade.

The finished product was similar to this:

Min 0-1, 3mph, 0%
Min 1-3, 3.5mph 1%
Min 3-5, 4mph 4%
Min 5-6, 5mph 4%
Min 6-8, 3.8mph, 6%
Min 8-10, 4mph, 2%
Min 10-11, 5mph, 4%
Min 11-14, 3.5mph, 2%
Min 14-17, 4mph, 4%
Min 17-18, 5mph, 7%
Min 18-20, 3.8mph, 5%
Min 20-22, 4.2mph, 5%
Min 22-24, 3.5mph, 8%
Min 24-26, 5mph, 6%
Min 26-28, 3.5mph, 5%
Min 28-29, 4mph, 1%
Min 29-30, 3mph, 0%

It was one of the more random intervals that I have done but it was good!

Speaking of random….

I had a weird/motivational/semi-throwback workout playlist today. I made it kind if randomly a while ago…. I hope you’re ready for a laugh. A couple of these may bring back good (or bad?) memories – particularly #2, #6, #7, and #8. It included:

  1. Lit up – Buckcherry
  2. The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang (hehe)
  3. Lollipop – Framing Hanley (a good, and faster, remake of Lil Wayne’s version)
  4. Let’s Dance – Lady Gaga
  5. Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand
  6. Move It Move It – from Madagascar soundtrack (this the jaaaam)
  7. She’s a Maniac – Hall & Oates
  8. Spice Up Your Life – (you guessed it….) Spice Girls


The playlist was a little over 30 minutes. I rarely listen to a song all the way through though 😉

I’m off to relax a little. See ya in the morning!


What is a good, old song you like to jam out to every once in a while that you just cant help but laugh at?

I would definitely say for me, “The Bad Touch” is way up there on my list!

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