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I can now say I successfully made it through the rest of the day without anymore mess-making. Though I didnt manage to make it without doing something embarrassing of course…


Since I didn’t go home at lunch to let out brown dog, I hurried home after work to scoop her up and go pick up Torrance.

Before I left the house I changed into workout gear real quick because I figure when we got home I would have less chance of ditching out on a workout if I was already in proper attire.

We ended up hanging out at Torrance’s uncle’s house for 2 hours! His aunt fed us some cheekin (chicken) and all the guys in the neighborhood went out and played with their remote control cars. And when I say guys I mean grown men, and also some 6 year olds too.

While they did that, I played with this little guy!


He wouldn’t hold still enough to get a picture of his adorable face, but their neighbor got that little guy over the weekend. A 7 week old Beagle puppy. He was absolutely adorable and tiny.

Kona didn’t think much of him. She is scared of little dogs though he loved her of course.

Regardless, she was still happy since she got to run around free for a while. She had so much fun that she zonked out on Torrance’s lunchbox in the truck on the way home.



Since his aunt fed us, I went straight to the gym when I got home.

Ready for cheekin part 2? I say that because even though I call chicken “cheekin,” what I really meant by the post title was that when I was walking down to the gym, my shorts got bunched up somehow and my butt cheek was mostly out on one side. Geesh. I wonder how many people saw that? I walked by at least 20 apartments before I noticed….

It was a short workout but I did a quick run, 5 minute warmup and then about 15 minutes at 4-5mph. I finished it up with the ab moves I was looking forward too! They were good ones! I liked the penguin – it was a new one for me.

Torrance met me with the dog and we walked around the block and headed home. Football pre season has started…. You know what that means? Torrance will be glued to the remote until February!


What wardrobe malfunctions have you had that were (or could have been) super embarrassing?

I think the worst was when I walked into a bank with my skirt partly tucked into my underwear in the back. Yep it really happens. It was something about that skirt because it did it another time too!

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