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I’m a Mess

Not on a personal level, but in an I-spill-destroy-make-a-mess-with-everything-I-touch kind of way.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we? When I went to feed the dog this morning, I somehow missed the bowl and it went all over the floor. No problem there, of course she was on it … but she did look at me with disappointment.

Mom seriously?... stop messing around.

Then, I continued on with my business and showered. However, afterwards, my lotion somehow had a pressure explosion and jumped off the counter and sprayed all over the shower curtain and rug. So I cleaned that up. No big deal.

I continued on to work. Only to find out when I got to work that I had sat on something wet in the truck? I am assuming I spilled water or something. So I had a wet spot on my butt. Luckily I am wearing dark pants so it wasn’t that noticeable.

I managed to make it 2 full hours before disaster struck again. First… I spilled my coffee on my desk. I caught it before it dumped everywhere (it had a lid on it) but it managed to ruin a notepad. By now, I have obviously caught on to the fact that I am doomed to be neat and tidy today (good thing I didn’t wear any white).

So then, I enjoyed my lunch, a lovely J&PB and some reduced fat Cheez-its.

I always have to dump my Cheez-its into a cup for some portion control because I could seriously eat them like they were going out of style.

Well, somehow after eating half of the cheez-its, the rest managed to jump out of the cup.. Some on the floor. It scared me (because obviously cheez-its shouldnt jump) so I rolled my desk chair back which of course smashed all the cheez-its under me into 5,000 little pieces for me to sweep up. If only Kona were at work with me.

I really can’t help but laugh at myself haha!!

Dont worry, I plan to not operate any heavy equipment… honestly, probably not even the fax machine today.


Oh and by the way, I slept in again today so I did not do a morning work out again (which at this point, was probably a good thing…maybe?). Perhaps I will do another night work out like last night? It wasn’t so bad. I am really wanting to try out the ab moves from Bess . Since the gym at the apartment doesn’t have a lot for equipment, I feel like my abs have been being neglected and I have been in search of some good ab moves that use zero (or minimal) equipment!


What is your favorite ab move?

Lately, I have been loving scissor kicks! I can always feel the burn!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Hope you like the ab moves!

    August 11, 2011

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