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Runnin on Dunkin

Good morning!


As usual on Friday,  I will treat myself to a coffee and breakfast. This morning, I decided to test out Dunkin Donuts because…. drum roll….. I have never been. We did not have Dunkin Donuts in my hometown in Alaska (or anywhere in Alaska for that matter) so it is new to me, dont laugh.

I was looking forward to ordering an egg white sammich but she informed me they didnt have plain egg white and just the veggie kind, which I usually don’t like the flavor of those. So I opted for a bacon, egg, and cheese on a wheat bagel with an iced carmel coffee with a little cream.

I pleasantly surprised at the $4 price, which definitely had my Starbucks breakfast from last Thursday beat since it was a whopping $8… though it is Starbucks and you can always expect quality from them.

My Dunkin sammich was just ok. It was mostly due to the bagel being kinda so-so. I think I may give it another chance someday with trying the flatbread sammich instead.

I still ended up eating most of it, it was pretty big.

My coffee was delicious though, and I sucked down the entire thing!


On another note, I have been thinking that I am really wanting to get a new camera!

Most of the pictures I take for the blog are with my iPhone, mostly due to convenience of always having it on me, and easy upload. It takes great pictures but whenever they are uploaded onto the blog it seems some of the quality gets lost.

I have an older Cannon that I love because it is small and convenient but the lens is scratched on it. I am pretty rough on cameras I will admit… I’m hoping to get a new one soon so I can capture all the delicious details of all my food! And the superior cuteness of this little lady.

“Does that camera make me look fat?”

I hope everyone has a great Friday!


What/where is your favorite “fast food” breakfast?

I’m not really a fast food eater but I do like the McDonald’s bacon, egg, and cheese McMuffins!  They are so greasy and bad! 😉

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  1. Dunkin’ has great coffee, for sure! I actually like their regular coffee better than Starbucks. But I’m addicted to Starbucks latte’s. I even buy DD coffee beans to have at home sometimes (had it this morning, actually).

    August 13, 2011
    • Theyre coffee is good! I like starbucks too. I like my coffee really strong so I always have to add 2 extra shots into my strbucks lattes and stuff. When I lived in alaska I had a part time job at a drive thru coffee stand and I loved it. I drank coffee all day!!

      August 15, 2011

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