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A Day With No Plans


So happy for Saturday! Today is kind of a day with no plans. Torrance had plans to go to Thundervalley (a track about 45 minutes away from us) to go riding (his dirtbike) but it is a little rainy and also he woke up with the flu! Yikes! Poor guy.

He even spent part of last night at his uncles shop working on his bike for the ride today. He got some new parts for it last week so he was just doing some final touches.

Doing what he does best!


Last night we had a mellow night. He was looking forward to the Bucs first football game (pre-season) since thats his team. Okay, okay, even though I seriously considered Panera Bread for dinner, we settled in and made some killer nachos for the occasion!  Of course we whipped this bad boy out to show our spirit too.

PS.... white pot holders arent the best idea!

I actually kind of like football season just because of all the festivities ….and by that, I mean delicious food muahaha.

We threw together some loaded nachos that included:

  • chips
  • melted cheese
  • shredded chicken (I buy a rotisserie chicken and then shred it)
  • black beans
  • more cheese
  • corn (this was the best part!)
  • fresh cut avocado
  • fresh diced tomatoes
  • sour cream

Torrance also included jalepenos on his but I dont do that spicy stuff!

I also enjoyed a delicious 2 giant glasses of wine 🙂


So since it is looking like Thundervalley is out of the picture today, I plan to do some of the more boring stuff around the house like more laundry (boo), grocery shopping, and some cleaning up around the apartment. An afternoon workout is in the cards too since I didnt end up working out yesterday! I think I will do some cardio and upper body today! Oh and some veggin’ in front of the TV later on a drizzly day is a must!


What is your favorite football/sports snack?

Mine is definitely nachos or chicken wings (with no sauce!)

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