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The Un-plans Became Plans Again

So about that laundry, workout, and veggin on the couch that I was going to do… It did not happen.

Torrance decided he was feeling better so they ended up going riding. Luckily it was at a friends house (who has a track on their property) which is 5 minutes away instead. I didn’t get my workout in but I sure did a lot of hiking and walking up and down the hills while we were there.

They have a huge piece of property that has a couple trails back to the track, which is actually quite pretty.


It was like a jungle!


Unfortunately for the guys the owner said they could only use the small track for the day which they were a little disappointed about, but they still had fun!


And luckily it was a little cooler today so Torrance didnt sweat to death.



After a few hours at the track we headed to the grocery store to pick up a couple things.

I really love to eat frozen fat free coolwhip like ice cream because it is so delicious but doesn’t have so much bad stuff in it (I know boring right?) and tonight at the store I was pleasantly surprised to find this!


You better believe I ate 1/3 of it already!

See y’all in the morning. By the way every time I use “y’all” I still laugh. It doesn’t really fit me haha but it sure is fun. And convenient.

Back to my chocolate cool whip!

Oh and if you were wondering, I didn’t take pictures of any of my meals today because I wouldn’t actually call them that. I had the most randomest (word? Probably not….) smorgasbord (word? Yes it really is) ever today which was very bazaar for me because I am usually a 3 balanced meals a day kinda gal! I can tell you my day included 7 snacktimes instead of 3 meal times. Meh, it happens.

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