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A Stormy Night

Good morning Monday!

I started mine off with a nice thick coffee and banana smoothie. It was nice and refreshing!

As usual on Monday I had a hard time rolling out of bed. Luckily I was able to wake up a little bit later because Torrance took me to work today and he went in a little late since he needed the truck for an appointment today.


Yesterday was a lazy day. I got my laundry and cleaning around the house done. Torrance and I finally drove around to a couple stores to look at some furniture which we will finally be getting some soon! I cannot wait since we have been living in just our bedroom in the apartment pretty much – well the bedroom and the kitchen I suppose. It will be nice to have a living room though once we get it all set up.

I was really feeling like baking. I almost wouldnt consider it baking though because I made a box cake 🙂 It was so so good though! Torrance was like a little kid at the grocery store and grabbed this off the shelf “ooo can you make me this? I havent had it in forever!”

It turned out so moist!

After that I did a quick run, about 30 minutes on the treadmill and headed back to the apartment to frost the cake and cook up some dinner because I was hunnnngry!

I have to say, I made the most amazing dinner. As you know I am a fool for a good steak. We picked up some filet mignon that was on sale at the grocery store this weekend. Usually I would grill this, so being that we dont have a grill I decided to try broiling it.

My first hurdle was that I dont have a broiler pan! I must have left mine behind in Alaska, of course. So I had to do a makeshift one. This was important to be able to allow the drippings to fall off because if the meat sits in them it tends to burn. I used a deeper cookie sheet with a wire rack sitting on it. It worked out perfectly!

I wrapped them in bacon, smeared a little olive oil on each side and did some garlic powder and pepper. I cooked them on a low broil for 5 minutes and then flipped them. I put some fresh minced garlic on the other side when I flipped them and broiled for 5 minutes on that side as well. They werent quite cooked all the way through (I was aiming for medium rare-medium) so I turned the oven to bake at 500 degrees and left them in another 5 minutes. They turned out perfectly!

I was actually amazed at how good they turned out since I am such a grill girl!

I served them alongside a little side salad, a baked sweet potato, and some steamed brocoli and cauliflower.

After dinner we settled in to watch a movie but shortly after that our attention went from the TV to outside as a storm neared. We sat and watched the lightning for a bit. There were never (or rarely) intense thunder/lightning storms in Alaska and I am a huge wuss and terrified of them but still intrigued (from under my blanket), where Torrance of course thinks they are so cool. And Kona was not sure what to think. Luckily she wasn’t too scared it didnt seem.

We watched for a while and saw the lightning getting closer and closer and then all of a sudden 2 apartment buildings that we can see from our balcony in our complex lost power as we saw all the lights go out over there. Shortly after that two firetrucks showed up! I am not sure what happened and the firemen weren’t really hurrying around too much. I am thinking maybe someone called them because a transformer or something was sparking. They were there checking stuff out for a good 45 minutes and then left. Maybe I will hear what happened later today and hope everyone was ok!

So eventful! When we woke up this morning it was clear blue skies. Refreshing!


Do you like thunderstorms? Or are you like me and hide under your blanket?

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