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Shrimp Burrito

I didn’t take any pictures of lunch for you because I ate it in 1.5 seconds at my desk. I promise my sammich I brought from home was delicious though.

I will, however, share my favorite lunchbox with you!


Fun huh?


After Torrance picked me up from work we headed to a Mexican restaurant that is right near our house.

A large margarita was in order….


Torrance and I shared this beast! I’m not a huge margarita drinker because I don’t like tequila (and margaritas are packed with calories and sugar) but it was actually pretty good here because it was extra limey.


We both ordered the California burrito. I ordered mine with shrimp, while he got his with steak. I have absolutely no idea why we both got one because they were humungo gargantuan (excessive I know). I hardly ate half.


Usually when we go there I order fajitas but wanted something a little different. The burrito was a little spicier than my liking but overall was pretty delish.


When we returned home Kona had also indulged a little…. She ate 7 mini chocolate chip muffins off the counter! Bad. Dog. She looked so guilty when we got home!

I’m going to take the bad dog on a little jog (so she can work off her muffins) and then come back to snuggle up with the new issue of my favorite magazine.



What is your usual drink to order when you are out? What is your favorite “fun” drink?

My usual is a vodka and cranberry or a flavored vodka and club soda (or wine of course!). Every once in a while I’ll go for a yummy flavored martini like a pomegranate or apple!

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  1. I am usually a glass of red wine but if I am looking for something more fun I do a martini w/ some type of grape vodka… hmmm heavenly! love reading your posts!!

    August 15, 2011
    • Aw thanks for reading! So funny because I just started reading your blog the other day too when I came across it from when you commented on someone elses post ! đŸ™‚
      I have never tried grape vodka I dont think, I will definitely have to test it out, sounds like my style!

      August 15, 2011

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