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A Sleepy Morning

I didnt really jump out of bed with excitement this morning (ok caught me, I rarely do) but I had a hard time sleeping last night, just some tossing and turning. That shrimp burrito from last night just didnt sit well I guess. I dragged myself out of bed to take Torrance to work and brushed my teeth with my eyes closed and in slow motion.

On my way back to the apartment from dropping him off I cranked the tunes up to help me wake up this morning!! That always works so great! I love listening to some Jack Johnson or something mellow but happy in the morning.



I got ready for work in slow motion, and in a seriously lazy way. I put zero effort into my outfit, makeup and hair today… OK I never put effort into my makeup or hair but usually I put together a good outfit and some jewelry. Oh well, at least I match today! Kinda.. 🙂

On my way to work I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store for some necessities. On my list this morning? Tampons and ibuprofen… yep… one of those mornings! (Sorry if that is TMI). I hurried to work and made up some delicious breakfast. My favorite oatmeal (apple cinnamon) and sliced bananas.

I also plan to drink a lot of these today…

Yes, giant cups of good old H20! I feel like I havent been drinking enough water lately so I need to double up today!

I hope you all have a fabulous day! I kept this post a little short because I plan to do an afternoon post so stay tuned…  we will be discussing some gym related stuff!


What are some of your favorite go-to feel good/morning tunes?

For some feel good morning stuff I love mellow stuff like Jack Johnson or Bob Marley 🙂 Reminds me of vacation!

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