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Gym talk

Ok you might laugh because I have this big huge long post about gyms but I am just kind of particular. So lets talk gyms shall we?

Being that we are in a new area, I have been scoping out some prospects for a gym. I know I have been here a month and you probably think I am crazy for not having my gym figured out yet but I am finally just falling into the normal routines. Obviously right now I have just been using the gym at the apartments which as you will see below has its pros and cons but I really have been fine with it for now, mostly because it is so convenient being right there.

Overall, I need a gym I enjoy going to because it adds a lot to my motivation of working out. If it is a gross gym or even so-so my excitement level just isnt where it should be about getting a good sweat session in.

In Alaska, I had 2 options for a gym… one that I had to drive 15 miles to that was $80-$110 per month (not joking) And then another that was cheaper but a little further away. So, needless to say, I was more than looking forward to having some options for a gym.



Here are the options I have to work with currently for my gym considerations…

Option 1 – The “complimentary” apartment gym

Pros –

  • I can walk to it in 1 minute
  • It is never busy (seriously have only seen like 1 other person ever use it)
  • It is very clean
  • It has the basic equipment I need
  • I am in love with the treadmills down there, they are awesome!
  • FREE!


  • It has minimal equipment <— this is really the biggest
  • No classes of course

Obviously my list of pros is longer but it is really lacking on equipment. I must say though, the equipment that is there you can tell is brand new and it is actually really good quality! It has 2 treadmills, an elliptical, a bike, and an “all in one” style Bowflex cable machine that offers 7 different upper body moves and 4 lower body. The only extra equipment it has is 2 stability balls. I am really considering buying a cheaper, small free weight set and a medicine ball to leave in there. I would feel ok with this since there aren’t really many people that use the gym.

Even if I do choose to join another gym at least this will always be here for a quick workout if needed!

Option 2 – YMCA


  • It has everything I could ever dream off
  • Tons of group classes I would like to do and at times that work with my schedule
  • Only 5 minute drive


  • Tons of people, always busy
  • Expensive $$
  • Kind of weird hours (mostly on weekend)
  • A lot of family activities and sports events are held there (this is a con for me because it kinda goes along with the “always busy”)

I have been to the Y twice, and granted it was a weekend but it was completely packed and chaotic. They hold a lot of sports games there for kids so there was people everywhere and their parking was kind of jacked too. I am considering getting a weeklong trial membership that they offer so I can see what it is like there during the times I will actually be there because it may not be as crazy. And I say their hours are weird because if I work out on a Sunday for example I like to do it earlier or later where they are only open 11am-5pm or something like that. Not that big of a deal I suppose.

Option 3 – The locally owned gym down the street


  • Tons of equipment (anything I would need)
  • Not a lot of people there
  • Price is good (especially compared to the Y)
  • They offer a few group exercise classes here and there… this is actually a PRO and a CON really
  • Good hours (open 24/7)


  • It is a little further drive than the Y <—- this is the biggest
  • See the above about group exercise…
  • It is a little older so some of the equipment is a little older/run down

I am considering a trial membership here too since I am obviously way indecisive. I have actually been here a few times as this is where Torrance’s uncle works out so I am somewhat familiar with it.


So, moral of the story…. I am picky and have some gym hoppin to do 😉


What kind of gym characteristics are important to you?

I would definitely say the 2 most important things to me is location (meaning not too far of a commute) and also how busy/crowded/chaotic it is there.

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  1. Why do all of the Y’s have terrible hours? I’ve always wondered that. Most of my friends work out a Y here and they all say the same thing. I think the kid thing would drive me crazy but it’s important that my gym be CLOSE or I totally wouldn’t go. Let us know what you decide!

    August 16, 2011
    • Oh I will! The kid thing and hectic-ness was a little much just visiting (not even doing a workout) but this particular Y is really family oriented too which I know has a lot to do with it, and I think that is good but not necessarily what I am looking for!

      August 16, 2011
  2. I have heard really good things about the Y though! Busy and classes are packed but you may end up enjoying meeting new people.. that is never a bad thing when you move to a new place! I would say see if you can get a week trial at all of the places and check them out and pick which ever one you feel most comfortable at!

    August 16, 2011
    • You know, that is actually a really really good point because I have hardly met anyone here yet because I haven’t been out doing a lot yet. Definitely a perk, thank you for bringing that up!

      August 16, 2011
  3. I know if it were me, I’d choose the free one because I am a treadmill whore. If it’s free and there’s a treadmill, that’s all I need to be happy pretty much! It’s bad, because I really need to start incorporating weight training into my schedule consistently, but if I needed to save $ I’d go for the freebie!

    August 16, 2011

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