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A Crowded Y

Before I tell you about my experience at the YMCA tonight, I want to show you my scrumptious lunch.

I was in a super hurry at lunch so I literally ran home let the dog out super fast, threw together lunch, and ran back to work. I put together a quick wrap with some roast beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey dijon. It was actually so good! I havent had a wrap in a while!

Okay and I get it if that is not the most delicious picture! haha I dunno why but it doesnt look quite so scrumptious there.

But, our grocery store has been having super good sales on berries since they are in season and it is BOGO on fresh strawberries, blueberries, and my most favorite – raspberries. They were perfect, and you better believe I snacked on these all day and downed the whole container.

But at least it was a container of these and not a container of cookies… (yum. cookies).

It was a sad day when they were gone!


So since Torrance went riding after work, I decided I would take the opportunity to go test out the Y that I talked about the other day . When I got there there was a soccer game (or something) going on outside so the parking lot was pretty packed. I squeezed the truck into a tiny corner with fear that I probably wasnt going to be able to get out of it. If you have been reading for a while, you may know that I am not the most graceful parker in this giant truck. If it werent for safety reasons, I would definitely post a picture of how sneaky, marvelous, horrible this park job really was. But, I didnt have many choices.

So I paraded in ready to go with my tunes and runnin’ shoes. I signed in as a guest for my trial and headed to the fitness room where there is tons of equipment. There are about 16 elipticals in there I would say? All were full, so I hopped on the 1 treadmill that was open (out of 25 maybe). I did a jogging interval with a high incline that lasted about 30 minutes. When I jumped off the treadmill someone was hopping on before my foot was even all the way off (really, not kidding).

I headed over to the “weights” side of the [huge] room to do some lower body.

I absolutely love and miss the “hip abductor/adductor” machines. Someone was on both (there are 2 of each) so I went to do a leg press, someone on both of those as well… damn the luck huh?

So (keeping an open mind) I decided to do some upper body. Chest press? I dont think so… both machines full-up with someone sitting and waiting. Obviously not going smoothly as I had hoped.

I went over and did some free weights (focusing on upper body) for a good 30 minutes and actually worked up a pretty good sweat and then decided to call it a day. On my way out I peaked in to check out the Zumba classes that was going on (and almost over) and I couldnt believe how packed it was!! There had to have been 40 people in there. Phew! Maybe I am just not used to seeing that, might be the norm in bigger places?

It was actually the best workout I have gotten in a while, simply because I worked myself good on the treadmill, and was actually able to use some free weights… but needless to say it was a bit too crowded for my liking. Dont get me wrong it is a super nice facility, and really for everything it offers the price isnt that bad. Just isnt a good fit for me since I will likely be working out around that time (630ish at night) or also early in the morning which I was told is a similar crowd.

I left feeling a little disappointed…and it also took me forever to back out of my parking spot! haha!

The up-side? If I go get a set of free weights I can get the same good workout in at the FREE apartment gym! 🙂

Good night! I am going to have some cereal and a glass of wine (ew you say? wine goes with everything hello…) for a late dinner since I just got back from picking up Torrance!

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