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A Sweaty Sprint

Phew! What a busy day at work today!

On tonights dinner menu? Tacos!

This was not any ordinary taco. You see, we are a house divided. Torrance likes hard shell, I like soft. Tonight I was feelin a little wild and I went for a little of both. I dont know if you can tell in the picture but tucked inside that soft shell is a hard shell. They are bound together with melted cheese. Inside the hard shell? Ground beef (I much prefer shrimp or chicken but Torrance was semi-in charge of dinner tonight), a little more cheese, lettuce, tomato, and corn.

Since the corn was so good on my nachoes the other night, I added a little here. On the side (not shown) was some delicious black beans!

And isnt this the saddest thing ever? I trained her not to beg (kinda…) so she does everything she can to be sneaky and look at stuff without actually looking at it. I set my empty plate down and she slowly inched toward it in a matter of 1 minute….

And dont laugh that I was eating on my bed! 😉


So since I didnt really feel like facing the masses at the Y again, I meandered down to our little apartment gym. I turned on a super good playlist and hopped to it. I ended up doing a steady 1.5 mile run and then a full on sprint for almost 2 minutes, and then a 10 minute jog to cool down. My legs were like rubber when I was done!


I moved onto the cable machine afterward to do some upper body. I did 3 sets each of lat pulldowns, tricep pull downs, bicep curls, stationary row, and chest presses.

I decided that if I get some free weights, a medicine ball, and a mat I will be content at this little (convenient) gym!

Oh, but I cant forget, I must share my awesome jam that got me through my good run tonight!

The playlist:

  • I got it from my mama – Will I Am
  • Fat Lip – Sum 41
  • Turn my swag on – Soulja Boy
  • She Wolf – Shakira
  • No one knows – Queens of the Stoneage
  • The Anthen – Pitbull
  • I dont care – Fallout Boy
  • Lit up – Buckcherry
  • Pricetag – Jessie J
  • My Sharona – The Knack
  • Riot – Three Days Grace
  • Bleed it out – Linkin Park

It was a good one! I’m off to finish my glass of wine and wind down with my brown dog before bed!

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