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An Empty House

Good morning!

I was on the run this morning of course. Since it was a hair washing day this morning I pulled out one of my old tricks and on my way to work rolled down all the windows to dry my hair. It was a little bit of a mess, but I like to consider it “giving it some volume” instead, and then I just ran a brush through it when I got to work. Voila!

And I will skip over breakfast because it was my same old favorite oatmeal! And a ginormous coffee I made here at the office.


This morning before I left to work I actually ended up doing some cleaning, which is weird for my morning routine. I vaccuumed. Why they put super duper light carpet in apartments I will never know (ok it looks better, but it ends up being a disaster). But nothing like clean floors in the morning, right?!

While cleaning I was thinking about how simple it is for me to clean the house right now since it is still empty for the most part. As I have mentioned before, when we made the trip down here we pretty much got rid of everything besides our clothes, some home decor, memorabelia, and kitchen stuff. After being here for a month our bedroom is fully furnished, our bathroom is decorated, and the kitchen is complete (for the most part).

I really do love the kitchen in this apartment because it is the perfect size (somewhat small) and it has the real granite countertops and real tile floors which makes it feel a lot more homey-er (word? it is now!) PS: that is part of Torrance’s beer glass collection on top of the cabinets.

And looking around the rest of the house, we need to get our living room and sunroom furniture (which will be soon) and our spare bathroom is completely empty besides handsoap! haha! The laundry room is also empty since it is waiting for us to get a washer and dryer… it is being used as storage and a cleaning closet at the time being. I found a big overstuffed dark brown soft leather sofa and matching chair over the weeend when we looked around at a few places, and it will be comin’ home with momma soon!

The dining room is also empty awaiting a table. And pictures are scattered around strategically waiting to be hung. Once we get the furniture in there (which will be over the course of the next couple weeks since we still have to go buy it) we can get the pictures hung and it will finally feel like home!

I have to tell you, I am getting so anxious to have my house all the way together… slowly but surely!


If you werent able furnish your whole house at one time what piece of furniture would you get first?

Well I would say bed, but luckily we had an amazing bedroom set waiting for us when we got here (thanks to Torrance’s awesome aunt and uncle) so in this case I absolutely cannot wait to get couches! After that we will be getting a TV and entertainment center for the living room (we have a TV in our bedroom currently) and then our dining room table. Baby steps I tell ya!

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  1. sarahsmodernbites #

    I completely agree that REAL tile and granite make a HUGE difference…. definitely makes a home more ‘homey’!

    I know that anxious feeling of wanting your home to be all put together! You’ll get there 🙂

    I would totally get a high top dining table first haha I find I most often hang out in the kitchen/dining area with friends and love to have people over as soon as possible after moving! (maybe that’s what makes me so anxious about getting it all together)

    Love morning inspirations to clean! Even if it is unexpected right before work 🙂

    August 18, 2011
    • Oh yeah! I know I cannot WAIT to get a table. I have that picked out too… a nice 6 seat tall pub table. I laughed at us the other night because i totally sit on the bed with a pillow on my lap like a table and eat dinner haha! i was like good grief torrance we need furniture ASAP! that is what prompted us going out and looking at furniture this weekend!

      August 18, 2011
  2. I would have to get couches and a table for sure. I would even put off on the t.v. if I had to before the couches.

    My bf has a beer glass collection on top of our cabinets too. 🙂

    August 18, 2011
    • Oh cool! I figured Id make it note since it just kind of looked like a blur up there.
      I know I cant wait to get couches because I feel like it will fill it up and not make it look so empty! and I figure I can sit on the couch and eat at least. We had a good “argument” over table or TV first. We have a little TV in the bedroom but with football season here someone is dying to watch it in high def. Geesh, men! haha

      August 18, 2011
  3. lapiattini #

    Yay I’m glad you found my blog so I can find yours!!
    When I first moved into an apartment I NEEDED to have a bed and a couch. Everything else came shortly after.
    I like the idea of the beer glass collection on top of the cabinets. We have nothing up there, pretty much dead space, and it would be a good way to empty my fiance’s glasses out of the cabinets!

    August 18, 2011
    • Aww! Exactly! It freed up my cabinet space 😉 next… A wine bottle collection? I don’t think they would all fit though, haha

      August 18, 2011

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