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Ethnic Cuisine

Because I love food oh-so-much, I wanted to dedicate a post to just talking about some of my favorite ethnic dishes/specialties and hopefully have you guys share some of yours! I am going to keep it real basic and for now (maybe I will do a part 2 later) do some of the most common ethnic cuisines we all know and love!

For the occasion, I got a Chicken Souvalki pita for lunch from a local diner-type restaurant down the road that I had never been to. It was delicious and only $4… I am always a sucker for a good bargain! I am also a huge sucker for tzatziki sauce!



With my lunch in mind, lets start this out with some GREEK!

I have a confession first, though I am a complete cheese eatin fool, I dont care for feta. I cant even tell you why, its just a little weird to me. But some of my favorite things about Greek food include:

  • Whenever I eat Greek food, I feel fresh. I always feel like they have fresh, crisp lettuce picked out, fresh cucumbers, and soft fluffy just baked pitas!
  • Everything tastes better with Tzatziki or Hummus!
  • If you wrap a fresh, warm pita around it or put it on a kabob it is automatically better. And by it, I mean anything haha
  • I love the atmosphere or Greek restaurants – you can feel the history!

My favorite dish: Souvlaki

My favorite dessert: Though I have only had these twice – Diples (like a donut/funnel cake) they are fried dessert heaven!

An example of Diples


Dislike?: Im not a big lamb eater so I tend to steer clear of dishes that include lamb.


Next up? Asian

I know this is very broad since there is Thai, Chinese, Japanese, etc. but since I could obviously go on forever and ever about all the different cuisines I will have to group them a little bit.

My favorite things about Asian food

  • The veggies – you can load up in veggies!
  • Rice – I just really love rice
  • Tea – Asian tea varieties are always delicious
  • Stir-fry – I am a huge fan of stir fry and you can always find an abundance of different combinations

My favorite dish: So much, I like a good stir fry with veggies and shrimp but also like sushi!! In particular, sushi that includes salmon. Yuk!

My favorite dessert: Crunchy Thai fried bananas. Oh. my gosh. Because I have an intense love for bananas.

Dislike?: I steer clear of the SPICY stuff!


Onto French!

 Some things I love about French cuisine:

  • Wine. And more wine!
  • I always feel like I am indulging when I have french food (especially at a French bistro)
  • They sure know how to do soups.
  • The wide assortment of cheeses

My favorite dish?: Hands down, crepes. Mmm it has actually been a long while since I have had crepes… I should probably change that soon!

Favorite dessert: Custards.. my mom used to do a really good French caramel custard that was to die for!

Dislike?: Anything with Caviar. I know this is a huge delicacy but my taste bugs just cant grasp it for some reason.


Now for Hispanic!

Again, I am making this a little more broad. Obviously it seems I have been eating a lot of Hispanic food lately with my double decker taco last night, a huge shrimp burrito on Monday night, and then homemade loaded nachos last week!

Some things I love about hispanic cuisine(s):

  • Tortillas. yummmm
  • melted cheese. on everything.
  • fresh salsa and that there are so many variations and possibilities for salsa!
  • rice and beans

My favorite dish: There are tons, but I like a good old fashioned hot melty quesadilla!

Favorite dessert: Sopapillas! Basically like a really fresh donut but so good! (are you seeing a major trend in all my dessert… fried! which is so funny since I usually stay away from fried food, but apparently it is fine if it is considered a dessert 😉 )

Dislikes: Like asian, I stay away from the spicy! I am not a fan of peppers!


And you thought I was going to skip over it….


I could make this section 3 days long but I will try to keep it simple like the rest! Both of my parents families are from different regions of Italy so I have definitely learned (like any other countries cuisine) there are tons of variations. And really, when it comes to Italian dishes, I am a pretty simple gal!

Some (yes only some) of my favorite things about Italian food:

  • Carbs. Pasta, bread, gimme more gimme more!
  • Fresh herbs
  • Italian cheese
  • WINE
  • Fish, so many different fish dishes. ohh yum

My favorite dish: so difficult. I love a perfectly made fresh Caprice salad (tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella) or Bruschetta. This is truly my favorite. I could name 30 pastas I love as well and someday I will probably make a post about that!

My favorite dessert: You probably think I will say Tiramasu but actually thats not it! but Gelato has my heart as I think it deserves to have everyone’s. It is honestly the most delicious thing ever!


Dislikes: I am not a fan of Italian sausage so I definitely stay away from that if I can. That is probably surprising to you. It is also terribly bad for you haha…hey why do you think they call Fat Tony, Fat Tony? (in my best Italian voice)


That ends part one of my ethnic cuisines but we will definitely revisit some more later because I could talk about food for-ev-er.


Now choose any of the cuisines from above (or a different one!) and tell me some of your favorite things about it, your favorite dish, favorite dessert, and a dislike!

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