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Friday Coffee Day

Morning. Friday! Yipee!

We got some good news yeterday that Torrance will be driving a company vehicle for work in as early as 2 weeks! We knew this would happen but didnt expect it for a few months down the road… This is good news because it means I wont have to shuttle him to work in the morning (and home!) Hello to morning workouts again (without waking up at 5am)! Luckily he had a vehicle this morning and I also didnt have to drive him to work today.

So, with that being said, I was able to wake up and workout! I headed down to the gym for a 30 minute run around 7:00. I skipped the strength training this morning, even though I am more fond of strength training that cardio – but right now I am really wanting to focus on getting my stamina up on running, so I’m really trying to work it hard on the cardio side of things lately. I am getting better about running more consistantly without stopping for a walking break. 

I jammed to my awesome playlist from yesterday too!

I headed up to the apartment and showered and sat with Torrance on the porch for a minute before he headed off to work. Shortly after, this creature was pestering to go outside.

Mom! I gotta peeeee!

Whenever she wants something real bad she will sit right in front of you and stare…looking adorable and pathetic of course.


Once off to work I went on my normal Friday tradition of getting breakfast and coffee.

I headed to my beloved Panera. An egg white, bacon, and cheese on a wheat bagel was definitely sounding like it would hit the spot. It was delish (of course) but  pretty big so I ended up not eating it all. It was also accompanied by a GIANT coffee from Starbucks this morning.

I got my usual Americano but since I opted for the huge one today I didnt want all the extra sugar (but still need a little sweet taste) so I swapped out the usual white chocolate for a little sugar free carmel instead. Mmm! I just wanted the extra caffeine.

I am refreshed and ready to tackle the day now!

I will see you guys a little later for an afternoon post! 😉


Do you prefer cardio or strength training?

I really do prefer strength training but am determined to have an equally loving relationship with cardio 😉

Have you always been a runner, or did you have to ease yourself into it?

NO! I am trying though! I am just about to the point where I can run a whole mile consistantly without stopping to walk…dont laugh!!


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  1. Hmm…I think I like cardio and strength training equally! I love the burn I get in my muscles when I lift, but I love getting all sweaty from cardio. 😛
    I HAVE NOT always been a runner. I don’t think I would even call myself a runner. I just started at the beginning of July. The longest I’ve went is 11 miles! But, it’s still hard on me.

    August 19, 2011
    • 11 miles!! that is soo good for just starting in July!! Im jealous. And I agreem I love the burn but love the sweatiness of cardio! Im a huge elliptical fan but have been tread-milling it up in efforts to eventually move to running outside.

      August 19, 2011
  2. lapiattini #

    I definitely prefer cardio, but have been trying to incorporate more strength training into my workouts because I realize the importance of it.
    I am NOT a runner! Ha! I truly believe it is one of those natural abilities that you either have or don’t. I’ve tried training plans, but just can’t get into it. I’d rather spend my time doing fitness that I love, such as spinning or zumba.

    August 19, 2011
    • I sooo agree with the “you either are or arent.” I love it (running) but Im lacking on the stamina part of it so Im hoping if I keep trucking away gradually I will eventually work up to longer distances and more consistent paces. But I adore doing cardio like Zumba too becaue it is definitely more fun for me (even though I totally have no rhythm!)

      August 19, 2011

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