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On The Agenda

Morning on this fine Saturday!

Last night after work, Torrance beat me home and was waiting for me at the pool!

It was such a nice night out and a little after work R&R sounded good!

After that we very randomly went to Red Lobster. Torrance loves that place. My stomach was feeling a little blah so I got a half order of the shrimp alfredo for something a little plain, with a side salad.

I adore their biscuits! yumm… and i only had 1 (and a half).

Torrance ordered the “ultimate feast” which has a lobster tail, garlic sautteed shrimp, fried prawns, and crab legs. It is A LOT of food. Before I could get my camera out to snap a pic, it was gone. Haha, he ate every single bite.


This weekend we were wanting to maybe head up to Hanging Rock park to do some hiking but I think it is a little too hot for us today for that and the weather is calling for rain tomorrow – so maybe next weekend. So on the agenda for this weekend now?

  • Since I will be using the apartment gym for a little while… I need to pickup a dumbbell set, a mat, and maybe a medicine ball
  • Grocery shopping (my fav!)
  • Go to Panera bread for lunch sometime so Torrance can experience the deliciousness
  • Do some baking…. (recipes to come!)
  • Cleaning and laundry (laundry is seriously ongoing forever and ever around here)
  • Get a good sweat session on hopefully today and tomorrow
  • take Kona to a nearby park I have been wanting to check out
  • Clean out the truck (the inside is disastrous and we havent even cleaned it out since our 13 day drive down to NC last month!)
  • Sit by the pool and get some sun!


Im headed out to let the pest out again because I am getting the stare.

Have a fabulous Saturday! After letting this brown creature out I am going to chug some coffee and get workin on that list!


What “must do” chore is on your weekend agenda for this weekend?

My “must do’s” from the above list are definitely cleaning the truck, grocery shopping, and getting some dumbbells and a mat!

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