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A Delicious “Fake” Roast

Truth be told, I actually disconnected from technology a little last night and today. It was weirdly nice but completely not like me to not carry my phone everywhere with me and ignore my laptop as it sits on the nightstand. It was a refreshing break though, but I’m back baby!.

Remember my agenda/to do list from yesterday morning? Well… this is what it looks like now.

  • Since I will be using the apartment gym for a little while… I need to pickup a dumbbell set, a mat, and maybe a medicine ball
  • Grocery shopping (my fav!)
  • Go to Panera bread for lunch sometime so Torrance can experience the deliciousness
  • Do some baking…. (recipes to come!)
  • Cleaning and laundry (laundry is seriously ongoing forever and ever around here)
  • Get a good sweat session on hopefully today and tomorrow
  • take Kona to a nearby park I have been wanting to check out
  • Clean out the truck (the inside is disastrous and we havent even cleaned it out since our 13 day drive down to NC last month!)
  • Sit by the pool and get some sun!

I always grocery shop on the weekend.. so that was a given. And we definitely went to Panera yesterday so Torrance could experience the best thing ever and he agreed it was excellent.

I did do some baking… kinda. Not really what I had planned as I wanted to bake my famous pumpkin choc chip cookies but the grocery store said they were out of canned pumpkin… what the heck right? Dont fret though, I plan to find some soon and share the recipe! Instead, I actually ended up baking these marvelous Choc Chip cookies from Emily at Visions of Sugar Plums blog. They were the perfect outlet for my baking needs. The only thing I changed was rather than sour cream I used low fat vanilla Chobani per Mallory’s version of the same recipe. They were awesome!

Also, I did a lot of cleaning but no laundry (oh well!) and got my sweat session on today. And spent a lot of time at the pool which was so so nice with the good weather! Obviously the two things I really wanted to get done (truck and get dumbbells) didnt happen. Oh well, another day!


Sunday nights I always do a little bit more elaborate dinner since I have most of the day free (usually). Tonight I made an amazing roast. It was so delicious, tender, and juicy. And…. (drumroll)… I cheated! It actually came in a bag pre-seasoned that you bake it in the oven with. I figured I would test that out because last time I tried to do a roast in the oven I overcooked it. I usually do a roast in the crockpot but I am without a crockpot for now.

Anyway it was amazing and I served it with some fresh (kinda) bread, corn on the cob, and steamed baby red potatoes and green beans. I love the take and bake breads from the bakery at the grocery store!

And if you are a vegetarian or grossed out by a big hunk of delicious meat… I’m sorry because I love to eat it and take pictures of it.

Since I skipped a workout yesterday (besides walking the dog a couple miles) I got my major sweat on today and ran about 2 miles on the treadmill. I ran the first mile pretty consistently without stopping to walk and then right at the beginning of the second mile I had to take a 2 minute break and walk a little and the last part I tried to pick up my pace. I am definitely picking up more consistency which is my major goal!

After the run. I did an ab workout consisting of the moves I grabbed from Bess’ page early last week.

Overall it was a lazy but (somewhat) productive weekend even though I didnt get everything checked off my list… Im off to enjoy some wine and watch some E!


What is your favorite lazy Sunday thing to do?

Drinkin wine and watching some mindless TV… all my good shows are on Sunday night! 😉

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  1. Yay I’m glad you liked the recipe!

    I’m just lounging/watching E! too- gotta give into my Kardashian addiction!

    August 21, 2011
    • Yeah it was good and actually your Chobani idea is what attracted me to try the recipe! Chic chip cupcakes are Torrance’s favorite and he loved them! He hates Greek yogurt (and sour cream actually) so I didn’t even tell him about that!

      Ooo kardashians is my fav… I can’t wait to see the stuff on Kims wedding!

      August 21, 2011

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