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Cookie Monster

Let me first start out by telling you that after posting on the blog last night, I had an urge to bake some cookies. I did the quick thing and used the usual Nestle recipe (which is my favorite). They turned out perfectly browned, fluffy, and delicious. I made them a little bigger than usual so rather than 20-24 cookies it made about 18.

Since Torrance is a chocolate eatin’ fool he adores anytime I bake pretty much anything that includes chocolate. So he swiped a couple before bed and I split the rest up into a couple different ziplock baggies as he will take them in his lunch to work over the next couple days.

Makes sense right?

Well skipping ahead to this morning. I roll out of bed half asleep (and Torrance has already showered, etc) and firs thing out of his mouth? “Man I can’t believe I ate all those cookies last night!”

WHAT? I couldnt believe he ate all those cookies! Well I mean I can, since he eats ridiculous amounts of food in 2.5 seconds especially chocolate, but that is gross crazy. Apparently he woke up in the middle of the night and cleaned them off. He ate 18 cookies entirely by himself. Gross right?

So now, at lunch today I did my usual routine of going home and letting the dog out and then making some lunch and heading back to the office. When I arrived home I was starving and craving something sweet. There was nothing sweet to snack on so I cursed Torrance for eating all the cookies because they would have been perfect at that moment.

I feel that I should bake a giant chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (his fav) and tie him to a chair as me and Kona eat it in front of him. Hey “revenge is a dish best served cold” right? Haha joking.

Anyway, moving on – I made a yummy wrap for lunch that had some dijon, turkey, mozzarella, tomato, and lettuce on it. And to satisfy my sweet craving that was still on my mind, luckily there were some chocolate chips left over from when I baked chocolate chip muffins this weekend so I sliced up a banana and threw that and a small pile of choc chips in a low fat honey Chobani.

Now I know everyone (or most of the blogging community) out there is a Chobani fan. I have to admit, I am only somewhat on the wagon. Though I am a fan of yogurt, I am a little weirded out by milk/overly creamy stuff. I love it in small doses or with other things. I find compared to other yogurts, Chobani is a little too thick for me and honestly the texture and taste reminds me of just eating sour cream out of the tub . If I mix stuff into it though, it is delicious! Thus, my banana-choc chip-honey deliciousness!


When I arrived home from work today, I quickly whipped together some shrimp alfredo for dinner. I used some wheat angel hair, shrimp, sautteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli, and shrimp (that I sautteed in the pan with a little garlic) and Bertolli Classic Alfredo sauce.

It was delicious! You know those meals where you get full use out of your stove?

 Yep that was how it went tonight. It turned out super good though and I had some of the baguette I had leftover from yesterday with it!

I let my food digest for maybe 10 minutes and then hurried into my workout clothes and headed down to the gym. There was actually someone down there. The first time I have ever worked out with another person in there…weird. Anyway I did a quick 30 minute elliptical job. The elliptical down there is kind of weird because it feels like the pedals are set far back which may be a good thing because it is almost like I have to take larger strides. After that I did 2 sets of 20 reps each of squats and lunges and also four 30 second intervals of wall sits. My butt is gonna be sore tomorrow!

I’m off to load the dishwasher so the house doesnt smell like shrimp in the morning (ew!)


Is there anything your significant other/roommate/best friend eats a ridiculous amount of in one sitting that you are just flat out amazed or grossed out by?

Torrance will eat anything chocolate in crazy amounts. He will have a chocolate pudding cup followed by 3 (or 18?) chocolate chip cookies and then 2 candy bars… not lying it as happened. Or a whole bag of individually wrapped dove chocolate squares in oe sitting. I have also seen him eat a crazy amount of beef jerky!

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