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Earthquake Flashbacks

Ok I majorly laughed at myself today because when that earthquake hit, I felt it sitting at my desk at work and I actually got scared for a second. I laughed because earthquakes were a weekly occurance in Alaska and I got totally used to them but during this one today, I got a little scared. I think mostly because I didnt know what the heck it was at first because I had no idea earthquakes hit over here!

I was very surprised to hear it was a 5.9! The most intense I have ever felt was a 7.9 that hit in Alaska 7 years ago. The epicenter of that one was right near our hometown and it sort of became the local “where were you when it happened” thing. It was in November so ice was covering the ground and I remember I was sitting in a car that was parked in a parking lot with my best friend waiting for another friend to meet us, and we felt the shaking and our car was just sliding around on the ice back and forth. It was so bazaar feeling!

I feel that Torrance and his dad always will win this contest though because they were right near the epicenter snowmachining in the mountains. Yes hundreds of miles up in one of the most dangerous places to be due to the obviously extreme avalanche hazard. He describes it as he heard it at first and when he looked up, the mountains in front of him were moving around like Jell-o. Hard to even phathom isnt it?

They go on forever and ever….

Me looking like a doofus for some reason - 3 years ago!

A crack in the highway the guys had to pass by on their way home from the mountains shortly after the big earthquake in 2004


Skipping over lunch and right to dinner, I made some delicious baked chicken breast! I usually do chicken breast on the grill or George Foreman but I decided to marinate and bake it. I didnt think far enough ahead so I only marinated for maybe 10 minutes because I am ridiculously impatient when it comes to food.

I took 2 chicken breasts (boneless and skinless) and a small baking dish. I laid out a nice piece of foil in the dish that I then placed the chicken on. I dumped a good amount (about half a bottle) of Masterpiece Steakhouse marinate over them and made sure they were fully covered and poked a few times with a fork.

I loosely wrapped the foil around them so it was semi open at the top, just sort of “tented” over them. I baked them for 30-40 minutes (cut into center about 30 min in to see if done) on 375 degrees and they were so moist, juicy, and flavorful! I served alongside some steamed green beans, fresh sliced tomoatoe with a little olive oil and vinegar dressing, and an old friend of mine… Stove Top stuffing!!

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