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My Dog Is A Genius

Good morning!

It was like heaven this morning not having to wake up super early since Torrance now has a company vehicle to drive to work! So I took advantage and popped out of bed to head down to the gym!

So weird because as I walked to the gym I was thinking to myself that it felt like it was a little chilly this morning because it wasnt as warm as usual. I looked at the temp at it was 65 degrees. So funny how a little over a month ago when I was still in Alaska 65 was the “normal” summer temp and it always felt so hot. I’m already turning into a wuss.


At the gym I ran a mile on the treadmill which I ran pretty consistently and only stopped once to walk. Overall it took me a little over 13 minutes. Since my buns are sore from last nights squat and lunge madness, I did some upper body and a little core for my strength training. I did 2 sets each of:

  • 20 lat pull downs
  • 20 bicep curls
  • 20 tricep pushdowns
  • 25 stationary row
  • 20 second plank
  • 20 standing waistline crunches
  • 20 crunches using stability ball

It was a good little morning workout for a break for my buns! Oh how I have missed getting sweaty in the morning!


When I returned back to the apartment to leash Kona up to take her on her morning walk when I came in the door I was not greeted by her like I usually am, and I could hear the TV which I had turned off before I headed down… when I went back to the bedroom this is what I found:

When I turned the TV off it was on the weather channel, and while I was gone Kona had apparently gotten the remote, turned the TV on and changed the channel to MTV. She was probably hoping Jersey Shore was on because that is her favorite show. Obviously she is a genius.


I quickly got ready for work and cooked up a yummy breakfast since my stomach was growling after my workout. Sometimes before working out I will eat a little snack (piece of toast, banana, etc) but today I didnt. I usually cant eat right when I wakeup. So needless to say, I was hun-gree! I made a yummy breakfast sammich, my toasted wheat english muffin topped with a poached egg, a little shredded low fat mozzy, and a piece of turkey. Someone asked me the other day why I always eat breakfast and lunch at my desk… good question! 2 reasons really, since I am always hurrying around I prefer to eat it when I am finally sitting, and reason 2 kind of goes with that – I dont have a table at my house yet! haha.

Since I do that, when I make hot things like my breakfast sammich a trick i always use to keep it fresh and hot by the time I get to work and eat it (which luckily work is only a few minutes away) is that I will take a square of paper towel with a square of foil laying on top and wrap the sandwich in that.

Voila! fresh, cheesy, hot sammich to go!

See ya later, have a great Tuesday!


Does your pet do anything that is a little odd/smart/funny?

Kona loves watching TV but she also “twirls” when she is excited. About anything. Water, food, outside she will do 360’s uncontrollably and she also grunts and makes a wookie sound all the time and will have a whole conversation. Someday she will learn to do something cool like get a beer out of the fridge maybe.

Where do you eat breakfast? In front of the TV? At the table? In the car? etc….


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  1. My parents have two dogs.. and both have figured out some pretty clever things.
    The golden retriever can open the garbage can and grab some food. We have the kind where you can wave your hand over the top and it opens.. sensor.. thats the word! Even when it is turned around to try and trick him.. he figures it out.

    Our German Shepard could probably cook dinner with proper training. Haha. He lets himself into the house by opening the sliding door and moves chairs to counters to get a better look.

    August 23, 2011
    • Oh my gosh that is hilarious that he moved the chairs to see on the counter! thats pretty clever! I think that maybe they are all geniuses but play dumb so we cater to their every need! hhaha

      August 23, 2011
  2. lapiattini #

    I eat breakfast at my desk with the computer right next to me. It’s kinda my quiet time to catch up on blogs and enjoy my food!

    August 23, 2011

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