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Cous Cous – so good they named it twice!

Better late than never!

I have been doing some seriously mellow relaxing tonight and it is fabulous.

Tonight consisted of a little of this:


Yummy salmon, sugar snap peas, and cous cous. I seriously love cous cous, and for some reason it is my favorite paired with fish. Everytime I eat it I think of my dad because he always said “cous cous, so good they named it twice!” Salmon was on sale at the store so I picked some up on my way home from work since I was majorly craving it after the failure of last night’s fish dinner due to the seriously rank salmon.

My night also consisted of this:


Yep making cookies for the cookie monster to mow again. This time I packed up half the cookies and hid them 😉

The night also consisted of some of this:


Which that, my friends, is a classic example of “super needy dog syndrome.”

Oh yeah, this too:


Yep, “super pathetic dog syndrome.”

With that being said, I’m off to take this pest I love on a walk and settle down with some marvelous TV 🙂


What did everyone have for dinner! (yum…!)

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