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A Day In The Life…Of A Man

I want to start with saying it is 9:45pm but feels like it should be 4pm.

I had a busy day.

Since Torrance has taken over the tool truck for work we planned to spend this weekend cleaning and organizing it because it was pretty much a giant disaster from the guy that had it before. I dont know if you know what a tool truck is, or if you have ever been on one but it is basically a really fancy hardware/tool store on wheels. It has a ridiculous amount of tools, parts, and stuff related to working in a man-shop. Including a lot of beef jerky, candy, and red bull for the guys to buy. A man’s heaven, if you will.

So we woke up, hurried around and got coffee and headed to his uncles to get this project rolling. We spent the day organizing and cleaning everything and setting up displays how they should be for customers and stocking everything necessary. Basically all the clients will think it is a new truck by the time we are done 😉

NINE hours later (yes 9) we were….not done. Tomorrow we will go spend another 5 or so hours with finishing touches and the lsat cleaning and organizing. Phew! They put me in charge of organizing the “office” area of the truck and also sorting through wrenches, ratchets, and screwdrivers and making complete sets. I definitely learned a lot. And my brain was sort of on overload because I actually had to deal with fractions today while sorting tools.

The metric sets were easiest since they run 9mm, 10mm, etc. but the standard hurt my brain, doing things like is 3/8 larger than 1/4 and 5/16….geesh. And by the time I was done, I was completely black and dirty from cleaning and sorting through the old and broken tools that people had turned in for warranty that were never taken off the truck!

Truth be told, it was actually kind of fun and I was happy to help!


Following that, we headed home because poor Kona was about to pee her little dog pants.

I headed to the grocery store because our fridge was looking seriously empty and tomorrow will be devoted to laundry and more tools so I figured I should get that out of the way.

Since we were so pooped we had Domino’s delivered and we feasted on pizza and watched football. Oh and I even enjoyed a beer since I was out of wine. I truly had a day in the life of a man!


Notice anything weird about today’s blog post? NO pictures. I took absolutely no pictures all day which never happens! I actually left my phone in the car all day while we worked. It was overloaded with missed calls and worried texts from family since Irene hit NC earlier this morning. I made a bunch of calls to reassure everyone we were fine (we are a good ways inland). I think everyone in my family just knows how much of a giant wuss I am when it comes to weather so they felt they needed to check on me! Surprisingly, it actually got quite a bit windier than I expected last night. Nothing hurricane force but you could definitely tell it was gusting!

Also, I found this slideshow of some pictures from Irene (and people preparing for it). There are some really good photos on here if you want to check it out. The ones of an abandoned looking Manhattan are so crazy to see!


What is your favorite “manly” past-time?

I would definitely say football or fishing. I grew up on a river when I was younger so some of my best childhood memories included fishing so I love it now, and football has always been a past-time in our house. I loved cold winter nights just hanging out with my parents watching Monday Night Football, and since my Bday is Feb 1st, it falls on Superbowl weekend a lot so I did have a lot of football themed bday parties!

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  1. Too funny! Pizza+beer+football is def a guy’s idea of paradise! I am such a girly girl it’s painful at times, but I do get REALLY into March Madness brackets! I think it’s cause I can get a lil’ competitive 😉 …(Go Uconn!)

    August 28, 2011

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