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Mmm Oatmeal


I woke up feeling super duper tired this morning, but I hopped out of bed anyway and headed out for a run with Kona again. It was almost as if she was feeling lazy this morning because she was just sorta trotting along this morning rather than all gung-ho like she usually is, but that was ok with me. We went about a mile and half at a steady pace.

Even though we didnt go real fast and it was cooler out, I was pretty sweaty when we headed back to the apartment. It usually takes a little more intense of a workout for me to get a good sweat going…. maybe I was just sweatin’ out some toxins? 😉


By the time I got back to the apartment, I hadn’t realized but it was 8:10 already!! I hurried into the shower and got ready in a FLASH! Not really, but unfortunately I did have tos kip washing my hair which was supposed to be done today, it is possible it may look a little greasy by end of today… Ponytail time!

When I got to work I hurried to make a cup of coffee and breakfast before we had to open at 9. This is why I usually like to get here between 8:30 and 8:45 so I have time to get all my stuff together before I have to start the work process.

We are sadly out of beans for the espresso maker at work (insert pouting). And then I remembered I had these in my purse…

Remember these that I got the other day while I was stranded at Starbucks for an hour and a half? And yeah, they were still in my purse, oops.

I heated some water in my coffee cup, mixed in the contents of one packet and then added some ice and milk. It was really good! I got the espresso strength ones because I like my coffee to be stronger and it was strong, I ended up having to add a little extra milk but it sure hit the spot!

I enjoyed it alongside some plain oatmeal (with a  little honey mixed in) topped with a sliced banana.

Yep, you heard right, I didnt enjoy my usual sugary apple cinnamon in a starting effort to clean up my eating a little bit. I survived 😉

Speaking of which, I really appreciate everyones comments and emails yesterday. I was surprised I actually got quite a few emails on the matter in regards to people’s stories (that they wanted to share in private) and revelations of how they came to eating better and from a few that were hoping to clean up their eating as well!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Do you always sweat a lot during your workout? Is it easy for you to break a sweat?

I dont know why but it takes a bit for me to start sweating!

What is your favorite way to make/eat oats?

I’m going to have to do a little experimenting as I transition out of my pre-made sugary type 🙂


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  1. See my post from yesterday. I’ve given up oatmeal. Permanently. And I’m good with that decision. Ha!

    September 1, 2011
    • Haha I just read that right after I posted this morning. Funny because my best friend hates oatmeal too for the texture reason! I love it just need to find ways to make it the non-instant way 😉 But damn that parfait looked good too!

      September 1, 2011
  2. I need to try overnight oats because it is way too hot for any other kind:) Ponytail day for me everyday! Great job on your run gorgeous girl!

    September 1, 2011
    • Aw thanks, im trying on the running! I’m gonna test out some overnight oats soon I’m thinking.

      And how dare they classify Janae as spam!?

      September 1, 2011
  3. sarahsmodernbites #

    Yay for the run!! I miss running with my ex-Pug, Artie… pugs actually make fun little running buddies!

    Sometimes I forget how satisfying PLAIN oats are with just some simple touches like banana 😀 Great job on the ‘clean-up’!! And still super satisfying, no? 🙂

    I always wondered how those Via things tasted….

    It takes A LOT for me to sweat too. But now that I am running longer distances, and it’s been humid out…. I am sweating like never before. It’s gross haha

    You know I am a weird obsession with green oats. I am addicted.

    September 1, 2011
    • oh you know i will be trying those green oats at some point and you will see/hear about it when I do!! 😀

      Aww I am picturing a little pug running their short little legs out so funny! I always see one of the ladies that lives in our apartment complex running with her pug and mini weiner dog, they must get a good workout with their little legs going 100 mph! Dogs are such good exercise buddies!

      September 1, 2011
  4. i love those starbucks via! so yummy!

    I am a such a sweaty mess! Sometimes I dont get how people around me are not sweating at all and I’m totally gross! LOL

    September 1, 2011
    • haha thats ok sometimes i get sweat envy where I am like dang everyone else is all sweaty and im working my ass off i want to be a sweaty mess too!!!

      September 1, 2011

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