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I am a little surprised I was up at 7 this morning because last night I just couldn’t fall asleep, and then while surfing channels I found Clueless was on and I ended up staying up until 2am!


I kinda forget Paul Rudd is in it all the time and I love him!

This movie is seriously an icon of my younger years and it had me thinking about other 90’s movies I just loved: Now and Then, Romie and Michelles High School Reunion, She’s All That, Can’t Hardly Wait, 10 Things I Hate About You….

Ah the good ol days!


Last night for dinner we ordered some Chinese delivery and vegged out because we were both wiped out from our busy weeks at work. I’m not a huge Chinese food eater (besides from my favorite restaurant back home) and I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry so I told Torrance to get whatever and I’d have a little.

He ordered beef and broccoli and a scallion chicken dish this place has.

I dished up a little plate.


It came with this weird yellow colored rice instead of white rice. I think it was just a plain fried rice but was pretty good. The beef and broccoli was bland but the scallion chicken was good and had a light sweet sauce on it.


I’m headed down to the gym for some running and upper body this morning before Torrance decides he wants go go to breakfast. It is looking awfully nice outside so a pool day may be in order because word on the street (or on the weather, whatever) is the next 2 days may be a little rainy.


What are some of YOUR favorite 90s movies?

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  1. 90’s movies are awesomeeeeee! I could watch most of those movies over and over and never get tired of them! I am always amazed by the fact that Paul Rudd still looks exactly the same as he did in Clueless. Love him!! ~Jenn

    September 3, 2011

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