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Weekly Groceries

I love having a second Saturday!

Yesterday was so nice out that we decided to lay out by the pool for a few hours. Afterward, we ran some errands and I headed off to the grocery store to stock up for the week.

While I was gone Torrance did an amazing job at cleaning the house! When I got back, he even striked a pose for me….

Oh how I love him!


I seriously love grocery shopping. It is my favorite weekly “chore.” I dont know if it is my love of food and/or cooking (it must be) but it is just so satisfying to me when I come home and stock up the kitchen!

I feel I could probably spend way too much money grocery shopping but it is almost like a game to me because I try to keep my bill around $100 per week which I am typically pretty good about doing.

Since I finally have the option to,  I have been trying to buy the locally grown produce as much as possible when its available. Some of this weeks produce I picked up… (not all of this is locally grown).

Among that pile o’ stuff is a small bunch of kale. I am going to attempt to make kale chips this week. Yum! I have had them, but never made them myself.

And you know how you get in a phase where you are obsessed with something for a while and eat it religiously everyday for however long, and then just sorta stop for a while? Well I am bringing two of my old obsessions back that havent seen my kitchen for a while….

Hummus… I like it with everything but I love it with some sauteed shrimp and a little melted cheese wrapped in a wheat tortilla.

My second obsession thats comin’ back in style?


I was looking forward to Nutella so much that I made my breakfast to accommodate it this morning. Torrance left early this morning to go pu to the mountains to ride his dirtbike with his uncle for the day so it was just brown dog and myself this morning.

I dont usually do a lot of sweet for breakfast, but this morning I had a bit of a sweet tooth and pancakes with a little Nutella and syrup on them sounded good!

I whipped up some FiberOne pancakes and added in a mashed banana. I also decided to cook up some scrambled eggs with a little cheese to offset the sweetness a little.


Im off to bring Kona on a walk because she is staring me down as I write this.

"Less bloggy, more outsidey"

I think some baking and an afternoon workout is in order for today as well! And I still havent gone and gotten some dumbbells yet… it will be a must within the next few weeks when the weather turns to rain a little more and my workouts head back inside for the most part!


Do you like or hate grocery shopping?

How much do you spend on groceries weekly/monthly?


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  1. I really like food shopping too! I take much longer in the supermarket than I probably should but I am always looking for the best produce and reading billions of nutrition labels! If only food wasn’t so expensive!!! I shop for me and my boyfriend and I would say we average between 75-100$ a week.

    September 4, 2011
    • Yeah if it weren’t for Torrance I feel I could spend 40$ a week on groceries haha. Probably not but he eats a lottttt

      September 4, 2011
  2. sarahsmodernbites #

    waitwaitwaitWAIT! Hummus with melted cheese, hummus, and shrimp on a tortilla!!!? This sounds like something I must try!!!

    LOOOVE eggs on the side of a syrupy breakfast = heaven 🙂

    I adore grocery shopping and spend way to much. enough said 😉

    Way to go Torrance with the cleaning!!! 😀

    September 5, 2011
    • Oh Sarah you must try it is the perfect little snack if you are wanting something hot and filling! and cheesy and hummus-y! I think I will have some for lunch actually !

      September 6, 2011

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