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Time For New Running Shoes

Whew, another busy day at work to add to the list!

Not complaining though!

It has been quite stormy out today and there is actually a tornado warning in the area. Ew.

I got stuck in a downpour running to my truck without an umbrella. And I returned indoors looking like a wet rat. But dont worry, its not like I spent time doing my hair or anything of course.


On the menu for dinner tonight? I was majorly craving a salad since I had lots of makins’. In the mix was romaine, spinach, tomatoes, corn, mozzarella cheese, shrimp, cucumber, mushrooms, and croutons. Ah man! I forgot to get an avocado when I was at the grocery store!

I set it up in this style so Torrance can pick and choose what he wants, when it comes to salad he is somewhat finicky… eyes rolling.

I also enjoyed some garlic bread and pasta salad that was left over from yesterday’s BBQ.


Since I somehow managed to fit a workout in each day this weekend, I decided to skip today and just hang out for the night, no cleaning, nothin’.

But, I did realize, I think I need some new running shoes. Not because they are really warn – actually I just got these ones before we left Alaska in July. More so because I dont feel like they are a good fit for me.

My ankles get sore easily and I feel like these shoes just dont fit as nicely as I want. I love Asics and the lsat few pairs I have invested in have been great but I think it may be time to hit up Fleet Feet maybe and do another fitting because it has been a while! I also have really flat feet with nearly no arch so I try to work around that and find a shoe that fits for ultimate running comfort!


Okay I’m off to some dog walking in the wind!

Do you usually go for the same brand of running shoes? (If so, which one?)

Do you have no arch, high arch, etc?

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  1. sarahsmodernbites #

    Dinner looks delicious and super satisfying! I have weirdly been craving pasta salad. I have some leftover in my fridge from a couple weeks ago.. Probably should have thrown it away days ago haha

    I have to be very careful with my sneakers. I have flat feet so I need a motion control shoe… and I also wear a heel raise in my left shoe because I have this weird imbalance thing goin’ on but that doesn’t stop me from training! haha

    I love Mizuno’s but they are a bit too hard on my feet these days… I just switched over to a pair of Asics Kayanos. LOVE them. I have a injury in my left leg and the gel cushioning has been amazing.

    September 7, 2011

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