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Quick Quesadilla’s

Today, I died a little inside.

Okay I am being dramatic but after having the same phone number for 11 years I had to change it today. It was so sad and I seriously had planned on keeping my Alaska number (907!) forever.

Well, unfortunately, for Torrance’s job, he needs to have a local phone number for his clients.  Since we share the same plan I had to change my number too or else we would have to have two separate accounts which obviously doesnt make sense and would be more costly.

Okay now for the frustrating part….

I was going to give you the full story but I will spare you the novel and shorten it up by saying that after TWO hours on the phone with my cell phone carrier and being transferred 5 times to different departments we successfully now have North Carolina phone numbers. Man did I get off the phone in a pretty foul mood. Relieved it was taken care of, but still frustrated.


Moving right along, dinner tonight was fabulous but it comes with a shameful confession….which I will get to shortly.

I was craving tacos which is Torrance’s fav as well, but since I make them almost every week I decided to switch it up a little. Quesadilla’s!

Obviously you can mix in whatever add ins you prefer but mine included:

  • chicken breast
  • cheese
  • a little but of diced green pepper
  • corn
  • black beans
  • whole wheat tortilla

I started out by cooking a chicken breast on my mini George Foreman. I did it plain seasoned with just a little (mild) taco seasoning powder that I had on hand. After that is cooked I shred with a fork and set aside.

I then heat a medium pan and place a little margarin, butter, or olive oil. For this particular item I prefer to use something a little buttery for the extra flavor so I used Olive Oil Margarin.

Once that is heated well, build your tortilla how you would like. I did a thin layer of cheese, then chicken, beans, corn, green peppers and then another thin layer of cheese be sure to just cover half the tortilla as we will fold in half in a minute.

Place in heated pan, butter will help brown tortilla… after a few seconds fold empty half onto the loaded half, heat current side until browned and then flip to finish other side.

I served mine with a side of black beans with a little cheese on top and Mexican rice. The mexican rice was just out of box… yes I cheated. Oh and that is sour cream for dipping. I dont know why it was such a big glob… I do hate to be wasteful.

Now for the confession…

I cannot, for the life of me, cook Rice-A-Roni. I have tried, multiple times. It never works. under cooked, overcooked, something. You would think with all the other elaborate things I can cook that this would not be an issue. Geesh.

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday! And I have a football game to go to this weekend also that I am pretty excited about!


  • Is there anything that should be super simple to cook that you just cant seem to master?
  • Do you love or hate your cell phone carrier?
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