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Apartment Livin’

Goooood morning!

Guess what? I have good news!

The Move” page is finally up in my “About” Section! A fair warning, it ended up a little wordy since I included most of the details of the entire trip.


Last night wasnt anything exciting – pretty mellow actually. The most eventful part was that we took the brown dog on a long late night walk which was nice. She made a little dog friend with a bulldog that also lives in our apartment complex. He was so cute and grunty. Unfortunately I didnt have my phone or camera on me to take a picture of him… he was so rolly-polly.

This morning I woke up around 8 but laid in bed watching some TV for about 30 minutes until my stomach started seriously growling. Torrance was up tossing and turning most of the night (he has issues sleeping a lot) so I just made myself some poached eggs on a wheat english muffin. Loveeee them. I always put a little cheese in there too for some extra flavor!

Along with my eggs I enjoyed a banana with a little nutella on it and my Starbucks Via coffee I have been drinking. I have to admit it isnt quite as good without my usual carmel Coffee Mate creamer I have been using with it when I make it at work. unfortunately I keep the creamer at work so I had to make do with some nonfat milk this morning and it just tasted a little blah – but still did the trick!

Breakfast is being enjoyed on the porch this morning since it is an amazing clear morning with a little breeze! So nice!

I think Kona loves sitting on the porch in the morning because she loves to people watch. There is always quite a bit of activity around here on Saturday mornings with people getting ready for their days, runners, etc. I am sure she also loves having a birds-eye view since we are on a 3rd floor.

I can actually say I kind of like living in an apartment. In Alaska they dont really have the nice complexes that they do here…. they are usually a collection of just a few 4-plexes that are run down with no amenities to be perfectly honest (not to mention way overpriced for the shotty upkeep).

The place we were renting for the year before we left Alaska was the best value for the money that I could find at the time. I needed to have a washer and dryer on premises, something that allowed dogs, and preferably a garage. These 3 things together were proving to be very difficult to find especially since I also did not want to be responsible for paying fuel alongside the rent. We finally found a duplex in a nice neighborhood that had all these features though it was $1600 a month! Since it was 3 bed and 2 bath we opted to get a roommate, which actually worked out surprisingly well.

Needless to say, we were happy with all the options we had when we came down here. Though we could have rented a nice cute little newer home here for almost half of that $1600 we paid in Alaska, we really wanted to save some money when we first got down here so we decided on an apartment. When we came down to visit in February before making the final decision to move we went and looked at a few of the apartments in the area we wanted to live.

So nice to have choices!

The things I love most about this apartment is that it is somewhat hilly and has tons of landscaping so it doesnt just feel like a parking lot full of multi-unit buildings. I also love the vaulted ceilings (why we wanted the top floor), fire place, tile floors, granite counter tops, laundry room (even though we still need to buy a washer and dryer!), porch, the fact that we have a spare half bath, walk in closet, and adorable kitchen. I am also pleasantly surprised that I dont ever hear neighbors through the walls or anything like that.

The third floor can be a little exhausting taking the dog out but I look at it as extra exercise – and its a pain moving stuff in and out but you figure you only have to do that twice! (Once moving in, and once moving out). Also, we dont have any of the noise above us!


I’m off to get a few things done around here before I get ready to go to my first college football game this afternoon! woo hoo!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know we are all looking forward to those fall fashions (keep an eye out for a post about this later this week) but squeeze in as much summer as you can!


  • Do you currently rent or own? What is your favorite things about your current place? Your least favorite?
    I listed all my favs but the only thing I have found that I dont like about this apartment is that the AC is really loud for some reason! Also, they painted the walls with a flat white paint rather than a glossy finish so they get smudges and scuffs on them super easily… thats really not a big deal haha, but it is hard to clean them because of it!
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