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Let’s Talk About Meal Planning

This morning, I was exhausted! I tried to wait up for Torrance last night but he didnt get home from his meeting until 11. He was in the next city over which is about an hour away so by the time him and his uncle were both done with work and headed that way they were a little late I guess. I was dozing off as he came home and then we ended up sitting around talking about his meeting for a little while… Zzzz.

I hit the snooze maybe four times this morning. Yikes. I guess it will be another night workout again! I have to say I am not sure that I really mind the night workouts too much!

When I finally rolled out of bed I took the dog on a very short walk and then hurried through my morning get-ready routine (….ok I always hurry through it) and then ran right to work. I’m glad I keep breakfast options in the office kitchen for times when I’m hurrying like this.

I enjoyed some regular oatmeal with a little honey and sliced bananas (of course!)

I also whipped up a quick iced coffee. This time I got the actual “iced” Via’s that dont need hot water to dissolve – it seemed to be a lot sweeter to me than the “hot” version I got last time so I will have to experiment with it a little.


I want to get some discussion going today!

Let’s talk about meal planning!

Every week when I go grocery shopping (which we all know I love to do) I go to the store with a little list of things I have to get – usually staples I am out of (peanut butter, eggs, bread, etc) and then just an idea of one or two things/meals I want to have for dinner for the week.

A lot of times I end up planning my meals while I am shopping – which I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I will sort of paruse through what looks good or what is on sale. I usually start in the meat section and then to the produce, dried goods, freezer, etc.

I have also tried going about it a different way and planning out my entire week of meals by writing down a list of meals and what I will need for each and then shopping that way. It doesnt seem as fun to me for some reason – but I probably ended up not having to go back to the store later in the week for forgotten items (like I almost always do!)

Lunch and breakfast dont really get planned out like dinner does because I dont spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking/preparing them, it is usually just a matter of throwing something together! As long as I have the basics on hand I can figure out something to make. And obviously, you guys all know I love sandwiches of any variation and they are a frequent menu item of mine 😉

Here are some of my staples I always try keep on hand:


  • turkey sausage links (usually just for weekends!)
  • FiberOne pancake mix
  • eggs
  • Thomas Light Multi Grain english muffins
  • fruit (especially bananas)
  • Orange Juice! I prefer Simply Orange

Lunch & Dinner

  • Whole grain tortillas
  • lunchmeat (usually turkey)
  • hummus
  • wheat thins
  • fruit
  • PB & J makins
  • multi grain sandwich thins
  • sliced veggies
  • chicken breast
  • shrimp

I want to hear about your meal planning habits!


How often do you go grocery shopping?

Do you plan your meals ahead? Or as you go?

Do you tend to find that you eat the same meals repetitively?

What are some staples you always try to keep around?

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  1. I plan on Wednesdays and shop that evening. I plan for the week (we live an hour away from a nice grocery store – so there are no quick trips). I go by what we have in the house, what is on sale, and what new recipes I found that week. I usually have more ideas than days to fill. If you would like some help meal planning, I offer a free report on my blog – – on the right is the free menu planning basics report.

    September 13, 2011
  2. cool!! Im gonna check it out 🙂 Thank you!
    Yeah if you live further away from a grocery store you definitely have to do some planning!

    September 13, 2011
  3. I go grocery shopping with my mom when she goes. Then, I usually get some of my kitchen staples such as yogurt, cereal, bread, raspberries etc. I usually dont plan my meals…
    Right now Im kinda in a food rut so Ive been eating the same meals everyday. Im really busy right now with school and all, so once I have more time I plan on trying lots of new recipes! 🙂
    Some staples I always like to have on hand right now are cereal, oats, bread, yogurt, raspberries, bananas, peanut butter, mixed nuts, peas, carrots and corn 🙂

    September 13, 2011
    • YuM!! I have been eating corn with everything right now it seems! I was in a major food rut a the week before last it was bad… a mix of bad eating and the same old same old. I repeat a lot of meals (usually because they are easy and some of my favs!)

      September 13, 2011
  4. sarahsmodernbites #

    Hi Andrea! This is a great topic 🙂

    I have learned that I just really don;t like meal planning too far in advance. I always end up changing my mind and end up going back to the store for what I want.

    I set aside a certain amount of grocery money for the week and shop frequently within that budget. I keep all the staples on hand like condiments, spices, and my breakfast and lunch foods. I always have lots of dressing, salsa, salad ingredients, veggie burgers and frozen broccoli. Andrew always has canned black beans, brown rice, eggs, salsa and shredded Cheese. For breakfasts I make sure I am stocked with oatmeal, yogurt, bananas, berries of some sort, protein powder and greens. these things are staples and we shop for them about once a week.

    For dinner I shop for fresh meat, seafood, produce or other special ingredients for specific dinner about every other day.

    I like it this way and makes me feel more free and less locked in!

    I definitely get on certain kicks where I will eat the same breakfast/lunch/dinner every day. Like veggie burgers with salad and roasted broccoli ( ate that for over a week straight!), green oatmeal ;), avocado on rice cakes… I’ll go for days and days eating that stuff. But for dinner I like to try my hardest to switch it up 🙂

    September 13, 2011

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