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A New Fitness Endeavor

Wake-up call!!!

That picture was not turned side ways, thats how it was taken from my phone this morning from my point of view. I had the feeling of someone staring at me and I opened my eyes to this.


I didnt post last night because I will be honest, I just felt completely lazy. I made a quick stop after work (which I will get to shortly) and then went home and just relaxed with Torrance. It was nice. Oh, and dinner included a bowl of cheerios and then a baked potato about an hour later. Good mix huh? 😉

Oh and I have to share my lunch from yesterday! In my bento box of course! I had a mini quesadilla, tortilla chips and salsa, and some grapes.

The quesadilla was so good! I did essentially the same thing as dinner last week but just used some turkey meet and cheese since I didnt feel like cooking up chicken at the time, it was really good though!


So now for my exciting new fitness endeavor!

I was talking to my boss a few weeks ago about my gym conundrum and he also agreed that the Y was not his favorite place to work out. He does a business owners meeting once a week and he was telling me about a guy that is part of that who owns a “fitness studio.” He informed me it is more of a “personal training type.” I wont lie, my first thought is that it sounded expensive.

He got me the info for him and I looked up the website which ultimately led me to their Facebook page. I was a little intrigued.

He does personal training (one-on-one), semi-personal (a group of 3-5 friends), and “group personal.” After looking into his services more, most of the personal training he does is geared toward higher athletes of a large spectrum of abilities. He does conditioning for high school football players, conditioning for those trying to qualify for olympic teams/etc., and even plain old personal training for the average person.

After poking around a bit and talking to someone who participates in his “group training” I decided to give him a call. The girl that I had talked to that does his group training told me that she has been doing it for 8 weeks and is in love with it. She said she started his program because she was bored with her same old workouts and heard about him through the grapevine and that he offers an awesome variety workout. She said that out of the 8 weeks she has been doing it, she has rarely done the same exercise/move twice! Talk about mixing it up!

So I called him with some questions. Mostly about how it worked. He said that most people get into the group program because it is the most affordable and fits most people’s goals (overall fitness, weight loss, etc). Since it is an “intense” program before you start he does a full fitness evaluation to go over goals, your abilities, and ultimately set up a “program” that fits you.

The group program is setup in a circuit/station format. After your evaluation he will designate how often he would like to see you – he says for most it is 2-4 times per week. For “group sessions” it is very flexible which I was surprised about, the scheduling is very open. Each session is 1 hour-long and he holds sessions everyday Monday-Friday at 5:30 and 6:30. So if he designates you to come in 3 times per week you can choose any sessions to attend any day of the week at either time. Pretty neat huh? And that works very well with my schedule. 

Next question? The price. It is expensive…kinda. For what it is, it makes sense. It’s more than a monthly membership at the Y (since that was $47 a month) but less than a couple personal training sessions. No contracts, for the group sessions you pay for a month at a time and if you want to keep going, you keep paying each month.

I decided to go for it. He sent me some paperwork to fill out and my fitness evaluation is on Tuesday. After work, yesterday I went in to drop off my paperwork and by sheer luck, the studio just happens to be pretty close to my house (score!)

When I went in to drop the paperwork off, he had a group session going on (since it was about 5:45, one had just started). As I talked to him for about 10 minutes he threw out instructions, and corrections to those in the group. That particular session had a group of about 10 people which he said they vary from 8-16 people on average. One elderly lady stood out in particular to me because she had to have been the most in-shape elderly lady I had ever seen as I watched her exercise. He informed me that this particular group ranged from age 15 to that lady who was… 79!! Most were probably 20-30 year olds.

I was happy I got to see a session going on because they were doing some really unique exercises. It was a somewhat small studio but he had a ridiculous amount of equipment, and not really traditional stuff you would see at a gym. Their were giant ropes hanging from the ceiling, boxing bags, free weights, just tons and tons of stuff. As I watched the group workout I saw some pretty interesting/cool moves going on including some different variations of pullups, step aerobics type activities, etc.

You are at a station for one minute and then he has you switch. During the session he is constantly rotating the room watching everyones forms, giving pep talks, and pushing for one more rep.

I have to say I am pretty excited about it and to get out of my fitness slump I have been in this summer. I will keep you posted along the way of course. I am not sure what all the fitness evaluation on Tuesday entails but he said come prepared to work out…


Have you ever done personal training or a fitness “program”?

When I first got into fitness, specifically wanting to incorporate more strength training since I used to be a major cardio hunky, I did a few personal training sessions for some guidance on what and how to do stuff!

 Do you feel you have enough variety in your workout?

Right now I dont, I am just kind of all over the place and have been doing more running than anything it seems. I’m a major creature of habit so the lack of variety hasnt really bothered me, but then again I havent really been following a good routine since Spring.

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