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Natural Calm

Laziness struck again last night. I think with the crazy busy week I have had at work when I get home I have just been out of it. Last night we ordered chinese food (per Torrance’s request, again) and I just got some chicken stir fry and really didnt eat much of it, it was delish, and I loved the sautteed zucchini they included in there – I just wasnt too hungry.

I didn’t get a workout in last night either, but I did go to bed somewhat early, and for that I am thanking Natural Calm Magnesium.

We bought this a while ago because Torrance gets really bad restless legs and someone suggested it. He uses it quite a bit actually, but lately when I have been going to bed I am having a hard time winding down and just feel kind of antsy so I pulled it out of the cabinet and mixed up a glass. You mix 2 teaspoons of the powder in with 8 oz of water. I microwave it for a minute to help dissolve it and then add ice. It doesnt have the best taste, but its not horrible.

This stuff seriously works good! If you have restless legs or feel antsy I would give it a try!

“What about me? Can I try?”


Oh! And I have to share my bento box from yesterday 🙂 Tuna, wheat thins, an orange and a mix of sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese cubes with a little Italian dressing.


When I woke up this morning, it was definitely fall outside. It was 90 degrees on Wednesday, but the high today is 58. That doesnt (didnt) mean much to me when I first heard that but it actually felt a little chilly…. everyone around me was dressed pretty wintery too! Time to dig the scarves out. Yay! Which reminds me, I feel I could use a new pair of boots to add to the collection.

I took the dog on a walk this morning and I wont lie, I was planning to run but instead did a half-assed jog. Oh well, I need to get a couple good workouts in so I dont feel completely sluggish for my fitness evaluation on Tuesday!

I dont have any super exciting plans for this weekend since the weather is supposed to be a little rainy – except… it is the start of our furniture escapade this weekend! I’m going to get my couch at the least, I am so excited to have a furnished house again!


Do you get restless legs (or something similar?)

I am just an anntsy high-strung person all together!

If you dont workout for a few days do you feel sluggish or re-energized during your next workout?

I do get pretty sluggish feeling if I skip a few! I hate that feeling!

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