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A Case Of The Saturdays

I don’t know exactly what that means but what I meant to say is I have a case of the “not feeling too well, lay around and watch tv/movies, want to eat everything in my house, and snuggle with brown dog all day” kind of day. It could be the rainy weather outside my window.



When we got up this morning we headed right to the store where we saw our couch and bought it. Since our living room would likely be a little crowded with a sofa and loveseat, I went with the sofa and overstuffed recliner instead.

It will arrive in tomorrow or Monday night and boy am I excited!

Our entertainment center is too because it is tired of being the only piece of furniture in the living/dining area (haha)!

Next week? TV! and then on to decorating the sun room and getting a dining room table! Baby steps I tell ya!

After our mini shopping spree we returned home for some vegging and snacking. Snacks today include a couple chocolate chip cookies, tacos, egg salad, and numerous other strange things.

I figured I would check in so you guys weren’t worried (kidding!) but back to the regular scheduled blogging tomorrow!

Have a fantastic night! I know I’m going to, and it may involve some baking and more pajama wearin’ 😉

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  1. i love lazy/relaxing weekends! 🙂 sounds like a great day!

    September 17, 2011

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