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Eggs n’ Jelly & An 80’s TV

Between the guys delivering the furniture last night and Torrance getting home from work and having to shuttle the dog out the door so she wouldnt attack the movers, it was hectic and busy! But I am so happy to have a place to sit in our living room!

The lighting was a little weird so it almost looks shiny but I assure you it is not. And it a very deep chocolate brown and is cushiony and plush and wonderful… except the feet on the bottom of the couch are like 3 inches and it makes the couch seem super tall so I am tempted to have my personal handy man take them back off 🙂 We will see.

Also, please dont be jealous of that 80s TV you see in the corner of the picture. That thing came with us all the way from Alaska but next weekend when we get a real TV you better bet it will be leaving our house. It was probably the first model of TV that had buttons instead of knobs. When we first moved in and didnt have cable we were going to hook a DVD player up to it and watch movies but it doesnt even have any connectors to hook anything up to it!

When we brought Kona back into the house after the movers left she barked at the couch for a while since she has obviously gotten used to not having it there.

I cant wait to get decor for the living room so it isnt just an awkward huge couch and recliner in there. I’m thinking either a light blue accent theme or possiblY a deep red.. something to add some color and brighten it up. I will include better pictures once we are decorated.


And my bento box lunch yesterday….

It was in the fridge all day until I ate it and at first I was sad my Nutella was rock hard, but after I dug some out after it thawed a little and it was weirdly delicious like that.


This morning was a Starbucks coffee morning and I finally decided to hop on the wagon and try something I have been meaning to try for breakfast.

We all know how much I adore jelly, and I have never had an egg and jelly sandwich! I dont know but it always sounded weird to me together. Well now I must eat this everyday for the next year to make up for lost time because I have clearly been missing out!

I only put a little jelly because I was still skeptical but next time I think I will put a little more.

I am super excited today as well because my fitness evaluation for my new program is tonight! I’ll keep you posted on that.


Do you have any ancient furniture/electronics/etc laying around (besides antiques or family heirlooms)?
Since we just got rid of everything, we dont have anything like that besides the 80s TV now but we did also have this ancient computer desk before. And not even like vintage looking it was to the point of being dilapidated – needless to say we brought it to the dump last time we moved!

Do you like jelly n’ eggs?

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  1. girl, i’ve been meaning to try the same breakfast myself! I think I would dig it if I just tried it out. I’m a sucker for salty, savory, and “weird” combos.

    One of the last tvs I owned had a VCR combo to it!! how funny!! We have a big fancier tv right now, but I dont mind the throwbacks, they make me smile!

    have a great day!

    September 20, 2011
    • Haha oh yes the classic VCR combo!! Hard to believe soon DVD players will be a thing of the past with bluerays and all the streaming methods!

      And u gotta try the egg and jelly combo! It really is delish!

      September 20, 2011
  2. Yeah…that eggs and jelly thing doesn’t excite me at all. I love eggs and I love jelly but that just doesn’t sound good together. I’ll just have to trust you on this one!

    September 20, 2011
    • Haha I know, anything weird like that just never sounds appealing to me. I guess it’s ok if u take my word for it! 😉

      September 21, 2011

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