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Good ol Dilla!

I was so relieved that class didn’t include squats tonight since my legs really are still hurting! As dorky as it sounds, I did a couple practice squats before leaving the house to see if Id be able to survive if they were in the agenda…. It was iffy.

It seemed like upper body and core were mostly the focus today, which was perfect for me!

We also did this rediculous move called the “bus driver” and my arms now feel like wonderful jello.

At the end we all showed some love!


When I got home and hiked up the three flights of stairs (what a cool down) I didn’t really feel like an elaborate dinner and was happy to hear Torrance wasn’t that hungry. I contemplated another bowl of cereal for dinner (that’d be the third time this week…. Hehe) but I felt I needed something with more substance.

U was craving cheese (ok always craving cheese!) so quesadilla it was! But not a little wussy half kind like I usually make. I wanted a big ol mamma-jamma. So, I got out two whole wheat tortillas, a chicken breast, corn, black beans, cheese, and a little salsa.

I diced up half a chicken breast and cooked it real quick in a pan with some taco seasoning.

After that I heated up a little butter in a medium pan and laid out one tortilla. On top I did a thin layer of cheese, then the chicken, corn, and blackbeans and then another thin layer of cheese with the 2nd tortilla on top.

After about a minute I flipped it (which was a little tricky I will admit)! And let that side cook for another minute.

Voila! Pure deliciousness, especially dipped in (or topped with) salsa!!



And now? Some good old Big Bang Theory reruns on my comfy couch! Enjoy your night! 🙂

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  1. looks DELISH, i think you just motivated me to make one of these myself next week, yum!

    have a great night!

    September 22, 2011
  2. mmmm.. this makes me want a quesadilla now!! 🙂 it looks so yummy!

    September 23, 2011

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