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What’s Your Peanut Butter Of Choice?

Last night I finally went grocery shopping and it felt so good to be restocked! Refreshing. I made us some yummy salmon using my quick fish recipe along with some cous cous and steamed broccoli. I was whooped and it felt good to finally have a night to sit and relax after this busy week!

I settled in on my new couch and watched some Fashion Police (Emmys edition!) because I love Joan Rivers – she is hilarious.


This morning I woke up a little bit late so I headed straight to work (moving very slowly) and was in dire need of coffee so I fired up our good old espresso machine.

Doesn’t that cup kind of have a Christmas-y look and feel? 🙂

I also enjoyed this little beast alongside my coffee:


 We need to have a serious talk about peanut butter today though – I need to know, what is your favorite brand of peanut butter? I got a new kind yesterday and I am not really a fan. I have to have a creamy variety too because it seems any chunky types I have tried leaves my mouth feeling itchy. Suggestions are greatly appreciated since this is obviously very important 🙂


I have my second workout class tonight and I am honestly still sore from my first class Tuesday night! I am going to have to take some ibuprofen and take it a little easier and class tonight I suppose – I’m excited to see what other exercises we do tonight!

The weather has been particularly gloomy here since Tues night which I must say makes me want to eat soup!


What is your favorite type (brand) of peanut butter?
Currently I have been using Smuckers Natural Creamy but want to try out some others!

Do you make homemade soups? Feel free to share a link to a recipe 😉 What is your favorite type of soup?
I love, love chicken noodle! I havent really attempted to make homemade soups honestly – which is sad because my dad actually has a soup cookbook out there and I somehow misplaced my copy!

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  1. I love love all things peanut butter! 😉 My fav is good ole Crunchy Skippy, and I love their Natural one, super yummy! PB2 is great too for less calories and fat.

    I had a recipe for a pumpkin soup that was super delish but lost it, I’m sure I could find another one out there on Cooking Light or Food Network. My fav ones are obviously pumpkin, and love any kind of vegetable soup like Minestrone!

    September 22, 2011
    • Oh I love minestrone too! My favorite is homemade chicken noodle – Im old fashioned. I have actually NEVER tried any pumpkin soups. weird!
      Yeah my old favorite is the reduced fat skippy creamy and the smuckers I got is a little too oily for my liking! are we aloud to be picky about peanut butter? 🙂

      September 22, 2011
  2. I feel the same in that some of the natural peanut butter’s are too oily?! No likey for me 😉 And yes we most definitely can be picky about our peanut butter, lol! 🙂

    Do you like Almond Butter? If so try Barney Butter, it’s absolutely amazing! I haven’t bought it in awhile since it’s on the expensive side, but if you can splurge sometime definitely buy some, it’s delish!

    September 23, 2011

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