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Hip Adjustment and Calorie Counting

Morning morning!

I am yet to go get groceries this week. Yes I skipped out on it again over the weekend. I hate when you have some stuff but you realize you have everything but one ingredient for anything you want to make. I am missing eggs and bananas, which pretty much any of my weekday breakfasts include that. The answer to this dilemma?

I feel it was okay for me to have this for breakfast today because I am on the upside of the recovering of the funk from this weekend, and also I didnt eat enough at all yesterday so I feel my body could use the extra protein (and cheese!! yum). Which brings me to the subject on my mind today: calories.

I think when it comes to weight loss – this is the most simple concept anyone can follow. I dont really want to go way in depth about all surrounding this (fat calories, deficits, low calories doesnt always mean healthy, etc) but just want to touch on it!

I used to count my calories religiously and it helped me a lot. I am a huge numbers person so I think this was one of the best things for me as far as keeping me conscious of what I was eating. I also liked tracking as a way to keep track of how many calories I was burning from my workouts. I currently use a cheapo heart monitor – it works but I will be upgrading to something nicer very soon.

I stopped tracking calories for a while but have recently started again just because I feel like when I am looking at the numbers I eat a lot better and can hold myself more accountable. I still do it using an iPhone app (theres an app for that!… actually there are like 100 for that, or more) but not nearly as religiously as I did before.

Since I have been doing it for a while I subconsciously check the calories in something before I eat it by habit, which for a while I thought was annoying that I did that, but now I realize it is an okay habit for me to have.

Point of this story being? It is almost like a game to me, I love seeing what I ate and burned and where I sit at the end of the day. Which after my workout yesterday (I burned a little short of 600 calories) I definitely had not eaten enough for the day…. even after eating ice cream last night 🙂 And obviously if you know anything about the calorie counting game (or even the basics) you need to keep everything evened out to keep your metabolism on step.

I really want to hear all of your takes on calorie counting!


And last nights workout? For some reason it was the most simple moves we have done, but it felt like the hardest workout for me yet. A couple times during class he came and corrected my form (like he does with everyone throughout the class) but each time he corrected me it seemed it had something to do with the alignment of my hips. He had me do a couple extra exercises and stretches to see what my issues were.

After class was over another guy had stayed back for a hip adjustment. Our instructor is trained in sports medicine and all the ins and outs of fitness so he does regular “adjustments” for people. It was painful, but the good kind.

He had me lay on my back and he stretched my leg across my body and held my foot up by my ear while he rolled a hard little rubber ball on my hip with a good amount of pressure. Ow. Ow. Ow. But it was like magic. Makes that extra money I am paying worth it.

Also, yesterday in the gym – I noticed something I havent noticed before. I am assuming it is probably used in the actual personal sessions for the conditioning and lifting, etc.

That concrete ball was so heavy I could hardly roll it with my foot!

Have a great Tuesday!


Do you/have you counted calories before? Do you like to? What type of tools do you use to do so?

Is there a particular part of your body that you have issues with while working out or running (knees, old injuries, etc)?

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  1. I used to calorie count religiously too…but I’ve found it usually aids me into slipping into my old disordered eating patterns. I try to go by how I feel and how hungry I really am. I dont really calorie count anymore, but i AM aware of how many calories things are and I know what i’m putting into my body. I just try to fuel myself so I can be a butt kicking athlete. I think calorie counting can be great for alot of people…but for me it ended up being more detrimental then helpful 🙂

    Im lucky my knees never act up with running, but my right foot has been acting up a bit over the past couple weeks. i’ve been babying it like crazy!

    September 27, 2011
    • That is so true! And I think a lot of people feel that way about calorie counting (I hear it a lot) especially since it becomes an obsessive thing. I stopped for a while because I didnt want to feel like that and then when I started doing it again it was more of just a concious thing rather than something I absolutely had to do!

      I hate injuries, I always get mad at my body when it hurts! I always tell it that we are too young for this haha. i dont think it helps though 🙂

      September 27, 2011
  2. sarahsmodernbites #

    Hola! I NEED a breakfast sandwich in my life soon. I have been eating ‘sweet’ breakfasts for weeks… months!

    I am definitely a numbers person as well. I think calorie counting as long as it is not obsessive is a GREAT way to keep things in check. ESPECIALLY with packaged foods and portion sizes. For me I like to have a basic idea… I ‘count’ breakfast and lunch but dinner is usually a massive salad with some kind of protein and roasted veggies… counting all that would drive me nuts haha So anything more than basic that is not for me. One of the benefits I think is that MANY people, my boyfriend included, UNDER estimate the calories in food… like a hand full of nuts, or a half a bag of chips for example. Or FOUR slices of toast instead of just 1 or 2 haha Once you see the number and can sometimes be a bit of a shock. This is why restaurants, many by law, have to disclose all the calorie counts because the theory is that people will curb their bad eating/over eating habits once they see the number.

    The downfall to this I think is for those that struggle with disordered eating in which case numbers can be triggering.

    Before every workout I re-align my hip. The left side of my hip is tilted backwards which ever so slightly shortens my left leg… which is one of the reasons I injured my leg. So I need to be very very diligent about caring for my left side.

    September 27, 2011
  3. You know how I feel about counting my calories. I think it’s because I’m a numbers person too. I love knowing exactly where I stand at the end of the day.

    September 27, 2011

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