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A Messy Blog, Needing Pancakes, & No Snow For Me!

I really apologize if you came by the blog yesterday afternoon and it looked crazy. I was trying to do some “redecorating” (yeah I tried last week too) but I just cant seem to get it how I want it. So basically I need to mess with it some more at another time (aka, when I have more patience). For now we will have the same old familiar look! 🙂

Today is going to be a morning of 2 breakfasts, kinda. I like to cook real breakfasts on the weekends for Torrance and I to eat since I always do something quick I can take with me to work during the week, and he eats…. who knows what for breakfast (my guess is donuts or McD’s sandwiches). But, since he wakes up so early during the week he typically sleeps until 9 or so on the weekend, so I am sitting around waiting and starving. Snack time!

Since I am not really a fan of Greek yogurt, this is my yogurt of choice (Yoplait).

Dont be silly, yogurt isnt enough to hold me over, so I also had some crackers and peanut butter!

I am definitely in the mood for some pancakes this morning so when he is done with his beauty sleep you better bet I will be whipping some up!


So I just have to share this. Yesterday a friend of mine sent me the below picture (she sent it with a sad face)… the snow is officially flying back home in Alaska. I am not sad that I am missing out on the usual festivities. I am definitely still adjusting to the climate change and it feels weird not “bracing” myself for winter and doing the usual things I have done my entire life like pulling out all my heavy winter jackets, swapping my car tires over to studded tires, and getting the extension cords out and ready to plug the car in at night (yes that is a real thing…)

It is oddly comforting knowing things have changed a little!


Since last weekend turned out to be a bit of a bummer due to some unfortunate news, and we will be out of town next weekend for a mini-trip (I will tell you more about this later!), I have to make the most out of this weekend as far as productivity goes. Here’s some of my must do’s.

  • Laundry (piles and piles….)
  • Taking Kona to a park we have been wanting to check out
  • The Dixie Classic Fair tomorrow! I am excited about this because I have only been to a real fair once when I went with my sister in CA years ago. Our little fair in Fairbanks was… not very eventful but it is one of those things you always go to anyway.
  • House cleaning (I’m so wild!)
  • Watch Horrible Bosses, I must see this, and Bridesmaids.
  • Go for a run (probably tomorrow so I dont feel as guilty for eating lots of really bad delicious fair food.

My weekend plans also include looking for some house decor, or at least go look for some ideas. Since my couches are brown I’m trying to decide if I want to do red accents, or light blue accents. I am going to go look around and hopefully find something that jumps out at me that makes up my mind for me. Specifically, I will be looking for a nice big picture to go here above the fire place.

I think I hear some movement from sleepy head… that means it is pancake time! Halelujha because my stomach hunnnn-gray!


What are some of the things on your “list” this weekend?

Do you like snow?
I do like snow! Where I lived in Alaska we didnt get a whole lot of it since it was really cold in that area so it was more of an indicator that winter is there, and unlike a lot of other places once it hits the ground it is there to stay until March/April!

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  1. lapiattini #

    Yikes- snow! I hate it. Mainly because it’s just inconvenient.
    Looks like you have a busy weekend ahead- enjoy and Happy October!

    October 1, 2011

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