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Pig Races & No Power

Phew! What a weekend!

I am happy to report that the pancakes (and turkey sausage!) I was dying for yesterday morning happened (halelujah!)


I spent most of the day yesterday working on my weekend to do list, which included a lot of laundry (booooo).

Torrance spent most of the afternoon at his uncles doing….whatever it is they do (man stuff?).) I do enjoy having the house to myself every once in a while though, so it worked perfectly.

When he got home we randomly decided to go to dinner for a mini date night. I have been dying to try a restaurant called Firebirds but we ended up just going right down the road to Ruby Tuesdays (I love their salad bar!)

It was surprisingly delicious! I got a petite sirloin with mashed potatoes (and a giant salad from the salad bar of course). We opted to sit at the bar so we could mingle. I suppose it is about time we try to meet some people around here! We ended up staying for a bit and having a few drinks too which was a lot of fun!



Because of the drinks we were tired we slept in a little bit this morning which was nice and relaxing, though right when I woke up I realized Kona was out of dog food so I had to make a quick run to the store (don’t worry, I didn’t wear my pj’s, though I may have considered it!).

The best part of the trip to the store was that they finally had pumpkin! I am oh so very happy because I have been searching forever and they always seem to be out.


Since we had plans to go to the fair this afternoon with his aunt and uncle, we ate a light breakfast so we could save rooms to stuff our faces with delicious, fattening fair food (it was so worth it!)


I like to eat turkey leg but I make him carry it around so I don’t look like a barbarian πŸ™‚

In effort to save face, I will not list everything we consumed there – but I will let you know that the highlight of the fair for me was the pig races.

Yes, pig races, adorable pot belly pigs running around in a circle to be the first to reach the grand prize…. An Oreo.


It was adorable and I also loved their clever names (including Lindsey Loham, Ba-racka-ribs Obama, and Hillary Rod-ham Clinton).

Oh, and Torrance also won me an awesome prize of course from winning a game.


A giant rose!


We just got home from our little food eating and pig watching adventure and there is no power at the apartment because apparently someone ran into one of the power poles down the street! No TV on a Sunday night! Yikes! This also means I cannot finish my laundry…. Damn πŸ˜‰

And I just realized this also means no pumpkin spice cookie baking either! Sad!


What was the highlight of your weekend?

Do you like fairs? What is your favorite part about them?
Mine is the food and looking at the animals!

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  1. Y’all are so cute! And yay for pumpkin! Now we’re both in business. πŸ™‚

    October 3, 2011

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