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Football, Rock Lifting, and SLEEP

I realize I havent shared my lunch in forever… so back to what really matter (lunch obviously, and food in general) here is yesterday’s lunch. Days that I go to my workout class at night I have to eat more during the day so I made a huge lunch. So big that it wouldnt even fit into my bento box so I had to whip out my other lovely lunchbox/bag.

In the bag is: an egg and jelly sandwich, sunchips, yogurt, a light string cheese, and crackers. Dont worry, I didnt eat it all at once. String cheese and crackers were enjoyed as a snack later on.


I went to bed way too late last night.

I blame football. I am not used to Monday night football starting so late! In Alaska games started at like 4:30 where here it is 8:30. But, last night Torrances team played (Tampa Bay) so we had to watch.

A bar down the road does free wings for Monday night football, so Torrance wanted to take advantage of that this week since he is a sucker for wings.

So yes, I still went to my workout class at 6:30 before the football festivities. I think it was my favorite class yet! I dont know why but I was especially feeling all the moves we did last night and it was the first night I wasnt still really sore or had any aches and pains so I felt refreshed and re-energized. I just really enjoyed it all together. It did include some rock lifting too….

And the long ropes in the background, we did some “boxing” moves with… he is so creative.

At the beginning of class I noticed a lady that I had seen there before that was in super good shape and I was thinking about how I wish my legs looked like hers (she is probably in her late 40’s). After class we were talking and she was saying she has been going to his classes for about 18 months and has lost 60 pounds since she has started! Wow!

She said before she started she just ran on a treadmill but because she felt like she was in a slump for losing weight she joined the classes. How cool! It definitely looks like it has been working for her.


So I rushed home after class to change and to get ready to go to the bar for football. As much as I wanted to shower, it seemed like too much work. So I changed my sweaty clothes and re-ponytailed my hair. Add heels and a scarf and I felt like a new person. Not really, I felt gross but being flushed from my workout gave my face some extra color so no one noticed maybe. Haha.

I will admit that I was starving when we sat down. So I enjoyed some steak tacos (no picture… I devoured them in 1 second), oh and beer.

I am happy we didnt stay there too late because I wanted to get some Zzz’s but by the time we got home we finished watching the game because it was sort of close and we had to make sure Tampa Bay won. I dont think I actually fell asleep until after midnight – which for me is late because I like my beauty sleep.

I prefer to have a good 7 hours of sleep and that seems to be the magic number for me to function well on.


When I finally dragged my ass out of bed I took Kona on a very slow, lazy walk around the apartments and then got ready for the day. And I was very disappointed that when I went to make my peanut butter banana sandwich this morning, my sandwich thin had mold on it! Ew, I just got them last week. 

I didnt have time to mess with other stuff so this happened instead:

And it was marvelous.


Do you like beer? If so what is your favorite?
It makes me really full but I like some here and there. I prefer lighter types but I really do like Sam Adams on draft.

How much sleep do you need to be able to function well on? How much do you usually get?

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  1. sarahsmodernbites #

    So glad to hear you are really still loving your new training program! So awesome how motivated you continue to be 😀 makes a difference when you see the results in others right?

    I totally went out for drinks (again! I am gross) in my sweaty gym clothes last night! I didn’t have time to sower/change because I was at the gym next to my office and I had a long overdue ladies night planned with my sister and a friend of ours. I felt gross but the margaritas helped with that 😉

    I love good beer. however, I also like to drink more than 1 or 2 so I avoid it… it fills me up too fast. When I do splurge on beer I go for Belgian styles.. like White beers… and I am reaaallly loving like, every Victory beer ever made! Golden Monkey by Victory is SO GOOD.

    I MUST have 6 hours of sleep. I would LOVE 7-8 hours. I actually get about 5.5-6. I am backlogged!!!

    October 4, 2011
    • I know, when I was in Alaska I worked 2 jobs for a while and was working 5am-6pm (nonstop) between the 2 and at times I wouldnt go to bed until 1230 and would get up at like 430. I have NO idea how I did that.

      I have never tried any of the Victory beers, I may have to test it out! I love Alaskan White beer too! There was a brewery in Fairbanks where we lived that brewed most of the “Alaska” beers (AK Amber, AK white, etc) and it always tasted extra good when I ordered it there!

      October 4, 2011
  2. I want someone to look at me and wish they had my legs and then get to tell them that I lost 60 pounds. 🙂 Ahh…one day.

    Girl, you know I love beer. Blue Moon is my “go to” but I like to try new stuff. I’m ready for some Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale. I haven’t been able to find it yet (what is it about pumpkin stuff being so hard to come by???)

    October 4, 2011
  3. Not a beer fan, but I do love Diet Coke! I need at least 5 hours to be nice!

    October 5, 2011
    • “5 hours to be nice!” that’s probably the best way to put it. I always hope that one day I will be a morning person buuuut, that just my never happen!

      October 5, 2011
  4. I totally feel your pain with the late night football games..this season is brutal because my team has a bunch of late night games. I prefer the sunday afternoon ones 😉

    I love beer but because its so filling I try not to drink a ton of it. Sam Adams on draft is actually one of my favorites too 🙂 I love octoberfest beers and pumpkin ales…Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year beerwise!

    October 5, 2011

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