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Happy Birthdays Are In Order

Weird to see an afternoon post from me, I know! Don’t worry you can still see my normal scheduled post from this morning here.

But since I went on and on this morning I forgot the most important part of the day! To give a shout out for some birthday love! 

It is my older sister Jenn‘s birthday!


She is one of the most important people in my life and one of my best friends. Someone I can always, no matter what, count on for anything.


It is also my Dad’s birthday! He is the big 5-0 this year!

2010 in Belize

Always cooking!

I wish I could spend their birthdays with them, but I know even though we are all in different locations, a lot of cake and wine will be consumed by all, regardless 🙂

How cool is it that their birthday is on the same day by the way? October 5th is one of the most common birthdays I hear about I think! It is also my ex-boss in Alaska’s daughters birthday (and her daughters dad too!) and I noticed it’s Ryan’s birthday over at Julie‘s blog! How fun!

It had me thinking? What IS the most common birthday? Google…..?

And the verdict? You wont believe it… but apparently today, October 5th actually is the most common birthday (well, in America at least!)  


***Side note: I have added a new page to the blog! ***

Under the “Food” section (where I confess my love for food and ramble on about it forever…) there is a new “Recipe” section with a collection of my posts that include recipes and cooking tips! And dont forget to keep an eye on it because I plan to add to it frequently!

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  1. Ah! I just saw this on Yahoo too and wrote about it on my blog! Isn’t crazy how it really is such a common birthday date?! Especially when you have friends and know of people that have a birthday on this day and see that it’s actually true!

    Happy birthday to your dad and sis! She’s got some nice guns too 🙂

    October 5, 2011
  2. lapiattini #

    Happy Birthday to your loved ones! That is weird about oct 5th!

    October 5, 2011

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