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Road Trip Time (again)

Last night I finally got to cook dinner, between Ruby Tuesday’s, the Fair , and the bar for football we have been going out to eat a lot more than usual so I was ready to have a delicious cooked meal. On the menu was some oven cooked chicken, mini corn on the cob, steamed green beans and baby red potatoes, and parmesan biscuits.

Excuse the mood lighting….

I spent last night doing loads and loads of laundry, it was horrible but I am glad everything is done. And somehow, I still didnt manage to get to bed at a decent time because I was up until 1am! I dont know what is going on, but it was horrible this morning. Am I turning into an old lady? Seriously, once upon a time 1am was the norm for me.

I also did something weird that I have never done before: I had a midnight snack. Torrance wakes up in the middle of the night and eats ridiculous amounts of food all the time, I am not a night eater at all, I typically dont really even eat anything after dinner. But I meandered into the kitchen at around 12:30 and had a left over biscuit from dinner and also a small bowl of raisin bran. Weird…. and delicious.


I considered having and egg n jelly sandwich for breakfast, but since I have had them for lunch the past two days (yes, I did again yesterday) I felt like some oatmeal would be a better choice, ya know, to change things up.

Right after this picture, that coffee went down the drain. I dont know what it was but it tasted particularly weak today (bleck). Since I was too lazy to remake more coffee but needed some desperately, I was glad to find I had one of these stashed in the fridge at work.

Phew, that was a close one.


Okay now for some exciting road trip news!

I mentioned briefly last weekend that we were going to be going on a trip this weekend. We are going to drive down to Florida to visit Torrance’s mom!

I am so excited, and very excited to see her! It was sort of a spur of the moment thing and though we wanted to fly, it will be a lot more economical to drive at this point because tickets are crazy expensive at the moment.

This will be our first trip since our 4500 mile escapade across the country in July! (which I think qualifies us as expert road trippers now by the way, right?) We will be renting a car because our truck needs some scheduled maintenance and I was able to get a killer deal on a Camry to rent, so with that, and the savings on gas, it will end up being cheaper than if we took the truck anyway, weird.

His mom lives in Tampa, but we will be spending the weekend in Clearwater because she is taking part of an annual fishing tournament in support of breast cancer awareness. Unfortunately since it was short notice we wont be participating in the actual tournament part but will be around for some of the other festivities including a huge beach BBQ they put on.  

And on the way back, we will also be making a pit stop in GA to visit my friend Anna for lunch who I havent seen in about 2 years so it should be a fun filled trip and we are both looking forward it! And dont worry, I plan to keep the blog updated along our trip! 🙂


So, we are rushing around trying to get things accomplished and ready before we go. It will be weird leaving Kona because typically when we would leave like that Torrance’s dad would always keep her at his house – so I am hoping she wont feel too lonely. Torrance’s aunt has kindly agreed to come to the apartment multiple times a day and walk her and give her attention and feed her, but she has never slept alone. I think she will be ok, maybe a little confused.

Since we are leaving from night right after work we are going to spend tomorrow packing and getting ready so I will head off to my fitness class for my last one until next Wednesday or Thursday! I will have to bring my running shoes to get some kind of activity in while we’re gone. After class I plan to clean the apartment really good, because I hate coming home after a trip to a messy house!


When was your last road trip? And where did it take you?

If you have pets, what do you do with them while you are out of town?


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  1. Aww…you’re coming to Georgia! Wave as you’re driving through!

    October 5, 2011

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