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Secret Quirky Habits

I am dwindling my grocery supply down since we will be gone for a few days, but I am missing some important breakfast components now. Specifically, the makings for a PB banana sandwich. Yes, very sad. And surprisingly, I didnt feel like a breakfast sandwich this morning (I know, who am I?) so to mix things up (kinda), I headed to Starbucks and got a reduced fat berry coffee cake.


Oh I am so excited to tell you about my lunch yesterday. I picked these up last weekend and have been dying to try them!

I am not really a fan of “sausage” but I do love bratwurst (is that a contradiction??….) but thought this may be a healthier alternative and got them for something different.

I was so excited to go home and cook one up for lunch yesterday that I put it in the microwave for a minute to heat up and then cut it in half and browned it in a pan for another minute (so impatient) but then, I realized I didnt really know what I was going to do with it and how I was going to eat it after it was done cooking. I obviously got ahead of myself.

I didnt have any buns or hoagies to wrap it in, and I didnt really have time to saute up some veggies to eat it stir-fry style, which sounded good. So I cut it into smaller pieces and put it on a wheat burger bun with lettuce, tomato, and mustard and ate it like a sandwich.

It was actually really good! It tastes a lot lighter and not really “sausage”-ish like a bratwurst (which is a good thing), probably because of the apple flavor. Yum!


If you recall, Monday night’s fitness class was my favorite yet. I definitely cannot say the same for last night. It was still good, just really hard for some reason and I was completely whooped. Which I know, is a good thing but I had to really focus and push to get al the way through it.

So when I got home, I had planned on cleaning the house since we will be gone this weekend but that did not happen. Instead I made dinner, which the nights I work out are usually not very elaborate, so this is what was consumed…

I know, I know – huge surprise right?

I plopped on the couch and mowed this down while watching Sex & The City reruns. It was one of the episodes where Aiden was living with Carrie at her apartment and Charlotte and Trey were heading for divorce. The girls were sitting at lunch and talking about weird things they did when they were “single” or at least when they didnt have a man always around.

Charlotte admitted to sitting in front of a magnified mirror for an hour before bed to study her pores when she was alone, but would never do it with a man around because it was “weird.” While Carrie admitted to getting a stack of saltine crackers, smearing them with jelly, and eating them while standing in the kitchen reading fashion magazines. It had me thinking about the weird stuff I do, and though I haven’t been single for a while, and Torrance probably knows every single thing and bad habit I do – I still do some weird stuff when he’s not around (or not looking!)

When I get up to go pee in the middle of the night, a lot of times I will sit in there for 20 minutes and file my nails. I have no idea why. I get distracted easily.

And when he’s not around (usually when he leaves for work, and I’m still in bed) I call Kona up to lay completely on his pillow, which he hates because he cant stand dog hair on his pillow… hehehe. I can’t help it, shes so snuggly. Also, if he is out of town and I have the bed to myself, I take full advantage and sleep diagonally.

Oh and when he’s gone I also go to his sock drawer and throw away any ratty socks he has (even if they are a little ratty) if I didnt, he would keep them until they are completely destroyed … and when he asks about it I tell him I have no idea and maybe he should keep track of his socks better. Okay that one is more of a pet peeve than a bad habit of mine, depending who you ask 😉


If you live with your man, are there any weird habits you do in “secret?”

If you live by yourself (or at least not with your man) are there any quirky things you do now that you think you would hide if you did live together?

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  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance #

    I don’t eat red meat, but I just tried chicken sausage for the first time the other day and loved it. It wasn’t this brand though, but now that I know this one is good I’ll keep my eye out 😉

    October 6, 2011
  2. I have many quirky eating habits that my husband now knows all of…I won’t go into all of them but one is wanting to eat all the crumbs from the bottom of any chip, cracker, or cereal bag….and with chips, I always pick out the “curled” chips first, it’s a weird obsession of mine and I’ll only eat those chips first…ha I know I’m weird 😉

    October 6, 2011

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